I have the weirdest skin on my face; it’s oily but it also has dry skin spots. It makes absolutely no sense so I’m always stuck between needing to add more oil to my skin or take oil away.

Here are my top 5 beauty masks that help me restore balance to my redhead skin problems:

1. LUSH Cosmetics Cupcake

Not only does this product work WONDERS on my skin, it smells like, well, chocolate CUPCAKES! This face mask is designed to help with oily skin and contains some exfoliating ingredients as well to help get rid of any dead skin cells on your face. Pick this product up at your nearest LUSH Cosmetics.

2. Teami Blends Green Tea Detox Mask and Scrub

Teami Blends is known for their 30 Day Detox program, but they also recently expanded into beauty. Their mask and scrub are great for detoxing the face and pores naturally by using the antioxidant properties of green tea. You can pick this product up at any Ulta Beauty or on their website directly.

3. Formula 10.0.6: Pores Be Pure (Strawberry + Yarrow)

Pores Be Pure is one of my favorite masks because it’s extremely gentle – a must for redhead skincare. This is the one I use when my face is feeling a little dry. It’s formulated to clean clogged pores naturally using strawberry, rosemary and yarrow. This mask will leave your face smelling like a strawberry shortcake.

4. Purlisse Prevent (Blue Lotus Seed)

This product is a mud mask and exfoliant. It gently resurfaces, detoxifies, brightens, tightens and smooths your skin all within 10 minutes! It’s great for all skin types, including my very sensitive skin.

5. Burt’s Bees Soap Bark and Chamomile

This is actually a deep cleansing cream that I like to use when my skin is VERY oily and breaking out. I work it into a smooth later onto my face and leave it to sit for about 15 minutes before washing it off. You can really feel this product starting to work removing the excess oils as soon as you apply it.

Rock it like a Redhead!