Madrid-based photographer Marta Soul is a founding member of NOPHOTO, a collective of contemporary photographers. Her projects reflect on the interplay between images and reality. In one of her series named, Idilios, she writes, ‘Idilios’ (Spanish lyrical word for ‘romances’ in English) shows a series of romantic recreations by the same redhead woman.

The series is constructed in an ideal context in order to accentuate the romantic love experience. So, we thought we’d combine the romantic with the factual using her beautiful artwork:

1. Redhead women are extraordinary and loyal.

She will always be by your side. 


2. Redheads are usually fiery and opinionated, and will help to make the tough decisions.

Sit back and don’t worry! 


3. Redheads are passionate.

You never have to worry about life being boring. 


4. All women exude confidence, but women with red hair (arguably) show even more.

She will stick up for her man no matter what.


5. Redheads stand out from other women.

Basically, you will be the luckiest man alive. 

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Rock it like a Redhead! 

All photos © Marta Soul

  • Bob

    yeah but they quit making red headed women about 25 years ago..that’s why you never see them around anymore.

    • Stephanie

      Sorry Bob, you are wrong, you haven’t see my family. I am one of many natural red-headed women in my family & we love it! 🙂

    • Mark

      Bob – please look at the reviews and photos of the red hair days in Breda, Netherlands, Rossitalia in Milan, Italy and The Ginger Gathering in Cork, Ireland. My sisters are redheads as are my nieces. =^:^=

    • Meg

      Hmmm.. well I was made 22 years ago and I most certainly am a redhead! 🙂

    • Anna

      Judging by the date your comment was posted, it seems that you have been made an April fool of by someone!!!
      Perhaps you need to relocate from Antarctica to somewhere more populated, like for example, Northern Ireland or Scotland, where you will be proved wrong many, many, many times as you walk down the street.
      You do have a point though; us redheads are unique in that we only make up 1-2% of the global population, but I was ‘made’ 18 years ago, so your comment is still invalid….

    • Caitlyn

      I was made 21 years ago
      Still here and a natural redhead, us redheads exist !
      And we rule soo maybe you should look harder

    • Lana

      Lol tell that to my 2 month old daughter!

  • Renae

    Poor Bob, I would like to know where you live… and never go there. We have a family full of red heads with a new one born 2 yrs ago. I know there aren’t a lot of us, but we are here, thriving and growing 😉

  • Kimberly

    That is funny! “Poor Bob” LOL.

  • Lindsay

    Bob,you honestly think that! Not to be rude,but you need to get out more. A lot more.

  • Lindsay

    You honestly think that! Sorry Bob,but you need to

  • Lindsay

    Whoops, it glitched out & I thought I lost all my writing.:-p

  • Michele

    Bob, I’m a redhead, I have a redheaded daughter and 2 granddaughters. WE ARE STILL OUT THERE!

  • j

    My wife is red head and she crazy. I wish i had a divorcw right now…This article obviously ain’t never been married

  • Rowan

    I was made 19 years ago and my sister 16! I don’t know what hole this Bob must have fallen into but it’s about time we get him out!

  • Astra

    Who would want to be a wife?! Sensible redheads would not want to be one. I like very much that this Spanish photographer uses the red haired woman and I thank them for this positive promotion a lot.
    But being a good wife? No thanks, I prefer to live my life.

  • joe

    I have been with my redhead wife for 12 years and it has been the best 12 of my life would change a day

  • Wendy

    Bob, you’re delusional.
    J, your wife probably wants a divorce more than you do.

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  • George

    I knew a red-headed girl once many years ago. For some reason, she thought I needed to be stabbed with a pencil and thrown to the floor then kicked a few times. But when it was all over she said: ” Oh, sorry I thought you were someone else”.