1. You can always spot a redhead in a crowd.

This makes it incredibly easy to find your redheaded friend at an outing.


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2. Their passionate, fiery attitude towards life.

You can always count on your redhead friend to have the most fun, and sometimes get in the most trouble.


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3. They’re incredibly unique.

There are only 2-3% of redheads in the world, which means you’re lucky to have be-friended one.


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4. Chances are, your redheaded friend has been compared to copper-haired celebrities like Jessica Chastain or Julianne Moore.

Hey, it’s your chance to feel like you’re part of royalty.

Cast member Jessica Chastain poses on the red carpet as she arrives for the screening of the film

5. A redhead friend will give you more confidence.

It’s a strong possibility your fire-haired friend was the only redhead in her class or workplace. Simply put: they’re use to standing out and have learned to love it. With that, they’ve gained incredible confidence and it’s sure to spread to those around them.


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Rock it like a Redhead! 

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  • Absolutely true with #5! We have to make our our unique way in this world 😉

    • kirsty

      I true story 🙂

    • Kaye Gard

      I was always brown to brunette but w gray and coloring it really picks up red can see how born naturally red that nothing would mix it would be red

      • Anonymous

        Every single person in the world has red tones in their hair when it’s colored with permanent hair color. You’re not a red head. Sorry to burst your bubble.

        • Rick

          You are only half right. Everybody had either red or green tints in their hair.

          • Jacky

            actually sorry to burst your bubble but everyone has red orange and yellow underlying pigments in their hair that are revealed when peroxide such as color developer comes in contact with the hair…. even people with naturally ash tones in their hair have underlying orange and yellow pigments. this is a scientific fact that every cosmetologist learns in basic color theory. it is the foundation to every color formula we ever create. so yes we all have a little red head in us… lol.

    • I feel these facts are true …..it’s lucky to touch the hair of a red head too … I am blessed to have red hair and would not change it for anything !!

  • Shoopdawhoop

    I have a ginger friend and I approve this message

    • Peggy

      I have a red head granddaughter and I also approve this message

      • Anonymous


      • I love my best friends that are blondes & redheads 🙂 I’m a Brunette ♥️♥️

    • Kennedy

      I’m an actual redheaded friend and I give a bazillion approvements to this message 😉 Haha! 😀

  • Ginger30705

    I used to hate my red hair because it made me stand out, but after about elementary school, I realized how wonderful it is. of my four children, I have one who has red hair, and she LOVES it.

    • Janelle

      I have always hated being a redhead. I am way too fiery for most people. I am even more rare because I tan well. So most think I’m a bottle redhead until I unload then it’s clear. I don’t like standing out. I don’t like getting hit on. I don’t like any of it.

      • Trish

        Don’t blame your temper on your hair… You have to own your own actions. You give redheads a bad name.

        • Anonymous

          Yup! True! Own it

      • Anonymous

        Get a hobby, grow up, stop blaming your moods or place in life on hair, that’s dumb! If you hate something, then make a Change!! own your freedom of choice. EVERYONE is EXACTLY where they chose to be in life, based off their OWN CHOICES ..
        Don’t make yourself an easy target first off!
        But also, Don’t let *that* privileged or entitled attitude fog your brain so much…. having a bad attitude gets in the way… Especially for people who make “excuses” FOR EVERYTHING!
        BE accountable!
        We all have choices.
        If you hate your hair dye it, cut it, wear a wig, wear a hat, wear a hoodie, wear a bag over your head … Nobody cares! But stop leaking and spraying negativity, bad moods, excuses, and snobberry cake all over!

        • Kennedy

          dang >.> some people are just more you know… fiery than others :/ you just gotta learn how to tame it and reverse it into positive energy! Thats all you could have said

      • Velda Renee Lowery

        Oh I can completely relate girl… **high five… Chest bump… Slap on the butt… ** go get em woman

    • I also had red hair and when I was growing up in school everyone use to make fun of it!! So in the 11th grade I had it dyed blonde, and keep it that way for about 6 years. Then I decided to let it get back to it’s original color. By then I was married, and had three children. All were blondes!! And then everyone was wanting there hair red!! And I started getting a lot of complements on my red hair!! Know as I have gotten older instead of getting grey, its blonde!! I have 7 grandchildren and 2 are redheads!! And get complements all the time!!! So in my opinion a true redhead is awesome!!!

  • Terri

    Love it! BUT why do these article insist on fake bottle redheads for the pics: i.e. Emma Stone is NOT a natural redhead! 🙂

    • Stephanie

      I don’t think it was Emma Stone they were showing as a redhead but rather her character that she played in Easy A, who was in trouble and causing a ruckus and having the most fun… 🙂

  • louise john-stubbs

    every fact here is so true….we are soooo wicked tho!!…naughty little fairies!

  • Rhonda Kucera

    I didn’t understand at first why I seemed different, but I feel Very unique and Blessed with my Natural red hair!! And has had SO many compliments through out my life with it!! Go red!!

  • Pam

    I also hated my red hair growing up. Now it is fading to gray and I hate that!

  • Tori

    Except the picture of the redhead between the blonde and brunette isn’t real.

  • Anonymous

    Where else are you going to put all of the freckles?

  • Very true. I am a redhead and I have a beautiful redhead daughter. While it was not highly favored when I was a child it seems like many women are trying to achieve my color today. I have learned to be very confident throughout the years and love my hair and the person in it! It is my best asset. And, not all redheads have freckles. My daughter and I are also part Cherokee Indian with no freckles and we tan beautifully.

    • Jennifer

      I sort of hate you. lolol (the tan + red hair thing). And I bet you have fantastic cheekbones too.

      • Kennedy

        I cannot tan whatsoever xD i sunburn REAL BAD. But I love my porcelain skin more than I have in the past. Back then I wished I could tan xD but because Nerissa, in her ethnicity, is part Cherokee indian, she’s able to tan better! You lucky duck lol :p

      • Kennedy

        Oh and I also, I think I have the flattest cheeks in the world xD like i have NO cheekbones whatsoever xD but I have an oval face shape and big eyes so i guess that fits. 🙂 Be happy with yourself because no one else is like you! You’re unique! EMBRACE YOUR AWESOMENESS!!

    • Amy

      I thought I was the only strange read head, sans freckles and could tan. I’m Norwegian too! Glad there are others.

  • Kerrie

    I have 2 ginger children, a ginger parent, a ginger sibling, ginger aunt and uncle, I was once married to a ginger and a I have a ginger dog….I sooooo wish I was a ginger too 🙂

    • Cortney

      Awww you’re ginger by heart 🙂

  • Toni Benefield

    I hated my red hair growing up but learned to love it and I still don’t have any gray. Now I have 2 beautiful grands with red hair.

  • nickie

    I am a natural red head and love it !! This statement it true I agree and I also hate when people dye their hair red and try to pretend they are a real read head ,the attitude comes from growing up with the hair and we can always spot a dye job

    • Linda

      When you turn gray you have the right to be any color you want…and if you want to be natural it is henna and henna is red…

  • Actually born with pitch black hair, mine turned auburn red at 4 years old. I grew up hating being different and teased about it.Then I realized just how cool it is to be a natural redhead. We are such very rare people when it’s natural, particularly blue eyes. There is just one dead giveaway for a natural redhead…..that’s light skin and freckles. The freckles may fade as you get older but still there. Without light skin and freckles, probably just a dye job.

    • Anonymous

      not true. my mom is part native American so I have a darker skin coloring but I am also a natural red head. so the comment or statement about light skin and freckles is just probably a dye job is false. sorry to burst your bubble peggy!!!

      • Anonymous

        I’m a natural red head and I tan well, however I still have freckles. 🙂

  • Actually born with pitch black hair, mine turned auburn red at 4 years old. I grew up hating being different and teased about it.Then I realized just how cool it is to be a natural redhead. We are such very rare people when it’s natural, particularly blue eyes. There is just one dead giveaway for a natural redhead…..that’s light skin and freckles. The freckles may fade as you get older but still there.

  • Anonymous

    I must be super lucky… I have 2 redheads. Love them with everything I have!

  • Bornblonde

    My poor ginger mama didn’t get any ginger kids, 0 for 4. She was so sad. So, I made one for her. 🙂

  • AD

    I’m a natural white/blonde, ( whixh most people pay for) but have dyed my hair red for the past decade! Wouldn’t change it for anything 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I am a redhead I rock it too

  • Linda

    $1.00 buys you organic henna and anyone can be a red head…and I am 🙂

  • Jody

    You dang right!


    • Anonymous

      Damn someone is just nasty saying that reds are fiery in bed like ok that’s ok and all but don’t post that

    • Kennedy

      I think that information should be KEPT in the bedroom, not in a comment, please >.> I feel a little violated as I’m a natural redhead myself…

  • Anonymous

    Please know that the girls’ heads are NOT RED! The correct term is red-haired girls. Doesn’t anyone ever proofread these posts?

  • Please take the time to proofread your posts. The correct term is “red-haired”! The girls’ heads ARE NOT RED, only their hair!!! You are a company who is in business. Hire someone to correct your business posts.

  • Kinsley

    #youloveus #redheadsareamazballz

  • Anonymous


  • Cortney

    I was born a redhead with blue eyes, along with my 2 redhead blue eyed brothers 🙂 as a child, I hated my red hair and freckles! All the teachers and grown ups would say that I had the most beautiful hair and blue eyes. I got tired of hearing it because all of my classmates didn’t like my hair and freckles. So I figured the teachers were just lying to make me feel better, or that I had old person hair and new kids don’t like hahahaha as I grew to a teenager I still didn’t like my ginger gene but for different reasons. It made me a target for sexual harrassment! I would hear things like “does the carpet match the drapes” and “red in the head means good in bed” which is just stupid to say to a teen who had never had a sexual encounter before! Dumb asses! Like anyone would be naturally good in bed without having any experiance. How obsured!! So I hated my hair for a long time but now that I’m an adult and I changed my social circle to a crowd of more mature people, I get so many compliments in a decent way. I have grown to love my hair in the last few years!!! I only tried to dye it once. In high school I tried to dye it blonde lol I’m glad I didn’t now 🙂 I couldn’t live without my beautiful hair!! It’s my pride and joy now hahaahahaha

    • L.J.

      @Cortney – I lived the same life. Still to this day I hear comments directed towards me in a sexual manner. I am in my mid-30’s and am just coming to terms with my natural red, curly, wavy and thick hair.

  • Dotti

    Love this! My daughter has a double whammy: natural red hair with natural spiral curls. I spend a lot of time helping her love her hair!

  • summer

    I wish there were more red heads like me

  • Marsha

    Have to agree! Ginger’s rule! (wow, I sound like a middle-schooler)

  • Jennie

    I was born a fair skin red haired baby girl and by school age came the freckles. My dad and his brother and a 1st cousin of mine had red hair. I never saw my Dads hair red because his had turned black by the time I was born, but I did see my uncles and my cousin. I now am 67 and my hair is turning blonde and I only have freckles when I am in the sun for a long period of time and they seem to go away in the fall and winter. I always thought it would turn black like my Dads, but it didn’t. Oh and my eyes are green and my Dads were a beautiful Blue and my Mothers were brown. I was an only child and only 1 red haired cousin and 1 red haired uncle.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been surrounded by redheads my whole life. Envious…..my natural color Is more like the auburn on the far right…..I’m trying to get used to the gray but this post makes me want to ‘fight nature’. Oh how I wish I would have appreciated the natural red when I had it……

  • M

    I myself am a red head and my 2 children are head heads and my two sister are red heads and my husband comes from a red headed father. Needless to say. We all have firey tempers, all bleed a lot and always get really high fevers as well. We all love being red heads and it’s awesome going to another country because you always get treated like a goddess. I also work with some men from India and they treat me different from any other staff and as I have researched it my be because that in India women with red hair have “no soul”. It is find of funny if you think about it. Point is. I love being a red head and not afraid to show it.

  • Anonymous

    Some redheads are mean like my teacher

  • I have a sister and brother, daughter and granddaughter who are redheads! They have tempers, but love them to pieces!

  • Anonymous

    red heads are dorky

    • Kennedy

      Redheads are #AWESOME.

      – Sincerely,
      a Redhead. 😀

  • Roe

    I met my redhaired friend 61 years ago. She and I have been best friends ever since. We each moved a variety of places, married young, remarried, spent over 30 years with each of our husbands, and still kept in touch. We are now widows and live near each other and our friendship goes on.

  • Jewelsd

    I used to hate being a redhead when I grew up. Always being picked on and called carrot top. It made me develop a great sense of humor and I learned how to be the center of attention early. Wish I had appreciated it earlier. Love being a redhead now!!!!

  • Patti

    I have always loved my red hair, it was the freckles that I got teased about as a child. That stopped as I got older thankfully . I have always received complements about how beautiful my hair is. It was always thick and long, similar to the girl in the picture and it was so pretty in the sunlight. I am now close to 60 and my hair has turned blonde not grey. I still love my hair. Someone else posted that it was their best feature…I know how she feels.

  • The Red Hornet

    Why are all the pix of females ?

  • Billy McCoy

    i dont have red hair but a red mustache my dad was red head

  • Brooke

    My friend has naturally red hair. Only 2-3% of people in the world actually have red hair, only red hair. Red undertone doesn’t count. But ya I approve this message

  • My redheaded friends make me Happy!

  • Ashley

    I absolutely love being a natural. In school I was always getting picked on for my red hair, pale skin and freckles galore. Then I went to get my hair trimmed and the women at the salon went NUTS over my hair color. With ‘is this your natural?!’, ‘a lot of women pay a lot money for this color’ and ‘so many women would kill to have your hair color’. I finally accepted my hair color and took pride in it. Now I rock the red and don’t care if someone judges me. Don’t be mad because my hair color can be found in the rainbow. Own it ladies!!!

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  • Astra

    This is patronising and offensive. Stand out in a crowd so easily located? Give me a break.
    Why keep perpetuating these personality myths?
    Everyone’s unique.

    • Trista

      Really? Of course everyone is unique, but perpetuating myths? At concerts, fairs, and while shopping it’s actually much easier to spot my redheaded friends. Personality wise, absolutely everyone is unique obviously. This is for fun! Lighten up a little! 🙂

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  • Kim

    One of my best friend’s and I became friends in grade school. Friday was “dress like twins day” and she and I were the only redheads in class. Neither of us actually remembered to dress alike. That was over 20 years ago and we’re friends to this day.