Redheads know the dilemmas when finding the right redhead eyebrow product. For some odd reason, many makeup companies either get the shade right, don’t even try or forget about the ‘auburn’ shade all together. Luckily, blonde and taupe shades can suite many redheads. So, we’ve rounded up five more of our favorite ‘redhead friendly’ eyebrow products to rock this fall season.

Brow Pencil:

1. Colourpop Precision Eye Brow Pencil: This brow pencil comes in two ‘redhead friendly’ shades: Arched Auburn and Honey Blonde. Use the spoolie brush at the end for grooming and buffing out the color to soften your brows. Want a pomade type product instead? Try Colourpop’s Eyebrow Pot in either shade. 

Colourpop Precision Eye Brow Pencil, $12

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2. It Cosmetics Brow Power Super Skinny: Say goodbye to sparse hairs with this pencil from IT Cosmetics. Its super skinny micro-tip gives precise strokes to replicate real brow hair, plus it has that spoolie brush at the end. Comes in Auburn and Medium Brown.

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Brow Gel: 

3. Glossier Boy Brow: We were so excited when Glossier released this product. When choosing an eyebrow gel (or eyebrow mascara), it’s all about the wand. This one is just the right size to thicken and fill in your brows. Don’t be discouraged because they don’t have an auburn shade. The blonde shade works great. We even love the clear to lock in all the hairs at the very end.

Glossier Boy Brow, $16 


Brow Powder:

4. theBalm Brow Pow Eyebrow Powder: Give your brows definition with this long-wearing powder in blonde. All you need is an angled brow pencil and you’re good to go.

Contour Palette: 

5. Coastal Scents Sleek Silhouette Palette: Grab your contour palette and use the bronze shades on your brows. This palette (featured in the August 2018 H2BAR Box) has two complementary brow shades. Try mixing together to create your own unique shade.

Coastal Scents Sleek Silhouette Palette, $13


Watch this tutorial on filling in your redhead eyebrows using Glo Skin Beauty Precise Micro Browliner in Auburn!