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Most redheads write into H2BAR asking how they can enhance their red, but if you’ve come to the point in your life where you want to transition into white or gray completely — this post is for you! Don’t worry, you will always be a redhead.

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We spoke with Lindsay Loo, a Wella Master Color Expert located in NYC, to get her top tips on how to easily transition from red hair TO white/gray -– or as she likes to call it wisdom. Isn’t wisdom a fabulous word for this process?

“Redheads, depending on the depth of the red, can have a softer transition to going ‘wisdom’. One advantage most natural redheads have is their red (normally) loses its intensity and goes towards being more blondish or brunette-ish,” says Loo. “Depending on the level, meaning depth or darkness of the hair, your ‘wisdom’ could look more dimensional as it grows out so you might not have as much concealing to do.”

The following are Loo’s tips for redheads who are sick of coloring and/or want an au-natural look: 

Option 1: Let it grow and embrace the look

This is one of the hardest transitions to do, as it can take up to a year or more to grow out. “If this is your go-to approach, I recommend a healthy haircut and possibly a different hairstyle. I am not saying you have to go pixie but if you were to cut your hair into a bob or lob and grow out your roots, this will give you a style to maintain while the color goes to the beat of its own drum. A haircut will give purpose to the growing out process,” Loo explains.

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Option 2: Lighten the red with color

Starting with a good haircut, schedule an appointment with your trusted colorist. Loo shares, “Depending on the shade of red, you can lighten the red as much as possible, whether to a blondish or brownish tone. Try a gloss using cool tones to match the wisdom growing in. Adding a softer shade will help towards a softer transition.”

Option 3: Add some low lights 

Add red “low lights” using a foiled highlight technique to help blend the process while it grows out. “Using a demi-permanent hair color range will allow this to fade out over the grow-out time as it is not permanent hair color. This service could take up to 2-3 appointments before the results allow you to then just grow it out,” Loo shares.

Option 4: Use a root powder

Get a root powder to conceal as you grow. This can be messy and add to your morning routine but will help you be in control of the process. Just make sure to always carry an umbrella in case of rain.

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Rock it like a Redhead! 

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