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Smooch, Peck, Pucker Up! However you describe it, get those smackers ready for today’s International Kiss A Ginger Day.

Not so fast! We love any day that recognizes the 2% of the population, but before you plant one on, consider these 4 ways to celebrate the day, even across international date lines.

1. Send a virtual kiss

Sending an emoji might be the fastest way to get the message across without seeing each other in person. We still do not have a redhead emoji, but we are hopeful for the day!

2. Blow a kiss

It’s safe during the sick season, and, who knows, we might reciprocate.

3. Gift a (chocolate) kiss

Dark chocolate has antioxidants that will keep redheads glowing and happy.

4. Handwrite your kiss

Good ol’ fashioned pen to paper will make the redhead in your life swoon.

Even if it isn’t the real thing, we’re still flattered you thought of us on our day of celebration. Rock it like a Redhead! 

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