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Many redheads get stuck in beauty and fashion ruts because they get comfortable with certain looks and pieces. Some think black is the only color they can wear because they’re afraid their hair is too vibrant, or some won’t wear red because they think it will be “too much”. It can take a woman years to finally embrace color in both wardrobe and makeup. To help all redheads break some beauty rules this spring, we spoke with Nhu Le, the founder of Finding Ferdinand, a custom lipstick company.

She meets many redheads and helps them customize the right color for their light skin and vibrant hair. “Surprisingly, our redhead customers always break rules regarding the lipstick colors that they’re ‘not suppose to wear’,” says Le. “Redheads can wear any color! It just depends on the hue and shade.”

Here are our 3 beauty and fashion myths all redheads should break this spring:

1. MYTH: Redheads can’t wear red because it clashes with their red hair. Le demands that this is “so wrong!” She loves pairing her copper-haired clients with red, and some are brave enough to try bright orange. “Red, bright lips can really bring out the red in their hair, and it looks beautiful when they embrace it,” says Le.

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2. MYTH: Redheads can’t wear blue because it brings out bags under the eyes. Most redheads have very fair skin, and veines and bags can sometimes show through more. But, Le thinks the color blue does the opposite for skin. “Blue brings out the best features on a redhead. Last year, Radiant Orchid was the Color Of The Year, so we saw a lot of women creating beautiful shades of blue/purple colors.” She recommends using a great concealer in trouble spots, a light powder.. and rock that blue shirt.

3. MYTH: Redheads can’t wear pink because their skin is too pale. Le warns that light pink can make the skin too pale, which is why she recommends redheads wear a deep, high-intensity pink. “This color pink will offset any paleness and will give redheads a glowing skintone.” This tip applies to fashion items and lipstick.

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Rock it like a Redhead!