Sunburns are common during the summertime, forcing people to cover up and seek shade. The sun can harm the skin at any time of the year though, because the ultra-violet rays of the sun cause it. When your skin is getting hit by UV light, your skin “ups” its production of melanin. However, since redheads have less melanin, we are all at higher risk for skin cancer. When you’re looking for soothing sunburn treatments to treat the skin and get rid of the burn, the best options are all-natural options; especially for redheads with sensitive skin.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Sara Chana Silverstein, a master herbalist, classical homeopath, board certified lactation consultant, child birth educator, and mother of seven. She recommends the following natural remedies for sunburn relief:

1. Aloe Vera Gel: “Don’t be fooled by products ‘containing Aloe’; you want the real thing. Fresh aloe vera plants are inexpensive and easy to care for. To use the plant for burns, simply break off a part of the leaf, squeeze out some of the thick, slimy gel and apply it directly to the skin. You can apply the gel once a day or as often as every hour. If you don’t trust your green thumb, you can purchase a small bottle of pure aloe vera gel at your local health food store.”

2. Saint John’s wort oil: “A popular remedy for depression, Saint John’s wort herb is equally effective in easing nerve pain-like the pain of a bad sunburn. It helps heal the damaged tissue and relieves the pain. The oil can be mixed with the gel from an aloe plant and put directly on the burn at least once a day and as often as every hour.”

3. Lavender essential oil: “It is extremely helpful with both sunburns and kitchen burns. Make sure it is the lavender pure essential oil and not a lotion containing lavender. It works best diluted. Add a few drops to a body lotion or pure olive oil and spread over the burn. Even better: add a few drops of the lavender essential oil to the gel of the aloe plant or to St. John’s wort oil.”

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Photo © How to be a Redhead, Kara Kochalko Photography