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Long or short red hair, anyone can use redhead bobby pins. They can transform a frizzy mess into a red carpet style because the pins allow you to create a hairstyle that would be impossible without them. Next time you use your bobby pins, keep these 3 tricks in mind. They are life changing:

1. Wavy Side Down: Despite what everyone else thinks, bobby pins are meant to be worn wavy side down. The wavy side, a.k.a. the grips, are designed to hold your hair in place.


2. Make Those Bobby Pins Sticky: By spraying your pins with hairspray, they will be able to hold to your hair all day. Place a napkin down and spray with 1-2 seconds with a strong hold hairspray. Dry shampoo will work well too.


3. The ‘Locking’ Technique: Have you ever had your hair professionally done for an occassion, such as a wedding or prom? Are you always fascinated with how your hair stays in place for hours? Your hair stylist is probably using the ‘locking’ technique. It’s super easy to do with redhead bobby pins.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


Main Photo Credit: Lydia Hodges