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Every week, we celebrate a redhead from our community. We call it the “Redhead of the Week”.  We give them an opportunity to tell us why they love being a redhead, what being a redhead means to them, and they’re featured on the homepage of HowtobeaRedhead.com! Here are 25 redheads sharing why they love their red hair: 


1. “I like to bring the fire wherever I go!” – Ashlee

2. “I love how being a redhead has made me extra special my entire life. Everyone has always been fascinated by my hair and drawn to it.” – Amanda

3. “I love being a redhead because of how great the redhead community is.” – Erin

4. “I love being a redhead because it makes me feel special and beautiful!” – Kristine

5. “I love being a redhead because it makes me feel beautiful.” – Erin

6. “Being a redhead makes me unique.” – Hailey


7. “I love my red hair. I wouldn’t trade it for the world! I feel so proud when my red hair sparkles in the sun. It looks like gold.” Heidi


8. “Red is my favorite color. I feel very blessed to have natural red hair.” – Jolta


9. “I feel cute and love my freckles.” – Nikki

10. “I always loved being a redhead! My mom and grandmother both have red hair. It made us different and special.” – Shannon

11. “I love my red hair because it makes me unique.” – Samantha

12. “I love being a redhead because it sets me apart from others. I am easily remembered and recognized.” – Elizabeth

13. “I’m in my mid-40s now and my red hair is making me feel young.” – Laura

14. “I love being a redhead because it makes me unique. People remember me, as redheads are hard to forget.” – Danielle 

15. “As an adult, I’ve embraced being a redhead. Being different is what it’s all about!” – Tanya

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16. “I can’t see myself being anything other than a freckled redhead. I love turning heads wherever I go!” – Cesy

17. “I am so proud to be a redhead. I have always loved the color of my hair –– even when bullies would call me ‘carrot top’. My red hair is a part of who I am and I wouldn’t change it for the world.” – Erika

18. “My red hair is so much a part of my personality and really defines me as a person.” – Chavi

19. “I love my hair and my redhead tribe!” – Yolande

20. “I realize it makes me unique and I wouldn’t change anything about being a redhead.” – Nicole

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21. “I take so much pride in my red hair! It’s always a conversation starter. A conversation I never get tired of having. – Sarah

22. “Being a natural redhead makes me feel different. It’s a special and miraculous gene.” – Dalma

23. “My hair is what makes me different. As I entered adulthood, I learned to embrace my hair and realized that it is what made me the person I am today.” – Megan

24. “Being a redhead is something that makes me feel special. It defines me and I love it.” – Chiara

25. “For me, being a redhead is so much more than just my appearance. Being a redhead shows my family heritage (my dad’s side is from Scotland) and it’s part of what makes me, me.” – Estella

Rock it like a Redhead!