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Stereotypically, redheads are known to have pale, freckled skin, light eyes, and vibrant red hair with a nationality of Irish or Scottish. But, that isn’t always true. Studies have shown that redheads are on every continent in the world — meaning redheads are not only caucasian. Redheads come from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities. They also have different hair types like curly, straight, wavy, or in between; different hair shades, different eye colors; and different skin complexions. And like all women, redheads come in all shapes and sizes. We’re here to celebrate just that!

This is not to say that redheads do not fit the general stereotype. Some do. But today, we want to celebrate these 22 redheads via their beautiful Instagram photographs. They all demonstrate their own unique redhead beauty and we think that’s fabulous!

What is your nationality/background? Share with us in the comment section below or on social media (@HowtobeaRedhead)!

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“Why did you cut your hair? It WAS so beautiful!” -Random person’s comment on my last picture . I had a different post planned for today but instead I thought I’d share something from the very bottom of my heart. . I know it’s deep down there because sometimes I have to search to find it so that I can change the language in my head -the voice that I live with the most. . Everyone wants to be beautiful, admirable, inspirational, and successful. We see others who we think are the embodiment of those things, so we try to emulate them. . While it’s good to surround yourself with people you look up to, I feel that trying to do the things they do so that you can have the things they have can be a very slippery slope to actually losing yourself. . How do you break free of that?? You have to do things that bring you real happiness; that you actually WANT to do. . And I know, getting things that you want sometimes means doing things you do not actually WANT to do. I’m not saying to stop doing those things, I’m saying you need to change the WAY you’re doing them. . You have an incredible, individual SOUL ✨ that was meant SINGULARLY for your existence; which is why trying to be someone else will NEVER bring you happiness. You will find true “success” when you discover the power that comes with being who you were meant to be. . I cut my hair because I wanted to, Susan …and I FEEL even more beautiful and empowered and motivated in life simply just because I honored that. . Nothing is more beautiful or inspirational than watching someone totally crush it in living true to themselves. . #pixie #pixiehair #pixiehaircut #pixies #pixiecuts #pixiegirl #pixiestyle #pixie360 #pixielife #pixiepalooza #pixieinspirations #redhead #redheadsdoitbetter #redheadgirl #redheadsofinstagram #redhair #redheadmodel #redheadsrock #redheadsrule #redheadsunite #redheadgirls #redheadbeauty #redheadmakeup #shorthair #shorthairdontcare #shorthaircut #shorthairstyles #shorthairstyle #shorthairgirl #shorthairideas

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DAY 2 of curls for me here and my protein treatment has done a fine job my curls have sprung into complete ringlets so I’m happy with that!! – – A lot of you have messaged me asking about the products and for a list so save this post! I have a pic of most I use with a description – – 1. Clarify shampoo @asiamuk I use this 1 every so often if I feel my hair is getting a little limp due to product build up and needs a good clean 2. My everyday wash item essentials @asiamuk coconut cowash & @sheamoistureuk curl and shine conditioner ( I wash 1-2 time’s per week) 3. Treatments are varied depending on hair condition @sheamoistureuk strengthen&restore is for when my hair needs a good deep clean and becomes a little lifeless but also helps with repair and health, deep treatment mask is for when my hair feels dry and needs some moisture to it and the new protein treatment is for when your hair is in super need of attention split ends but also if hair has build up in it 4. These are just essential oils I add to my hair the keep it healthy and from getting dry – they are also really good for scalp health and dry scalp @superdrug any coconut oil is fine 5. Finally my style products I explain more about these in my last IGTV!! – – – I hope this helps ❤️❤️❤️❤️ – – #allinthistogether #wellbeing #life #gratitude #ginger #redheads_of_insta #redheadsaresexy #redhead #redheadshavemorefun #hairgoals #beauty #daily #dailypost #tbt #mua #selfie #fitnessmotivation #fitness #personaltrainer #girlswholift #curves #hairgoals. #stayhome #fitnessgoals #curlyhair

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gene mutation MC1R

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Pics from P.E. yesterday 😂

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Can I just say…⠀ ⠀ 🤗 I LOVE getting to know you all!! 🤗⠀ ⠀ Our time together when I'm #behindthechair is special. We connect, we laugh, we cry, we focus or we relax. 💆‍♀️⠀ ⠀ Chatting with our (every client at @_thecolourbar) clients is the highlight of my day. I especially am down to chat about Disneyland and anything #loveisblind related!! (THAT SHOW IS SUCH A GUILTY PLEASURE!) 🙊⠀ ⠀ Getting to do what I love, with people I love (the TCB team) and for people that I love (my guests) makes my heart burst 🥰🥰🥰⠀ ⠀ STYLISTS: How do you like connecting to your clients? ⠀ ⠀ CLIENTS: How do you like your stylist to connect to you? ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #midtownsac #exploremidtown @exploremidtown #thecolourbar #_thecolourbar #loveyourhair #copperhair #davinescolor #davinessalon #SacramentoProud #sacramento #sacramentohair #redhead

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🦁 For all the girls asking about my routine for long curly hair…. Here ya go. I've tried to put every little step in. In shower 1) Elvital Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner (not CGM) I change it every now and then anyways. Squish to condish! 2) Elvital Strengthening Mask (i like the banana hair food too). Detangle with Denman Brush D3 and help spreading the mask evenly. Rinse out completely. I go head upsidedown from here on for the extra volume! 3) Glaze over with the Cantu Curling Cream, brush through again and form clumps with the praying hands method and squish out most of the water. 4) Glaze over with a schwarzkopf curly Balm or any other Gel and mix with water in your hands (cantu, the Giovanni la one, bounce curl, Alverde.. works all for me) and squish out the water in each clump with a little more gel in your hands. 5) Plopp in a micro towel or tshirt and let it sit 30min+ depending on your hair length then diffuse cold on a LOW setting until completely (!!!) dry (and please don't do it in your shower room where the air is a humid hell!). I like to do the #hammockdiffusing technique. When the hair is cooled down completely you can fluff out at the routs and scrunch out the crunch carefully. i Apply oil or serum if I feel like and voilà – foolproof washday for me if I want to achieve this kind of curl 🙂

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My little ragamuffin

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