1. “Do I have enough sunscreen?” You have a entire duffle bag full of sun products, but you worry it’s never going to be enough.


2. “More freckles are a comin’!” You know the minute you hit the sun, your ‘angel kisses’ will be quadrupled in minutes.


3. “I can’t wait to walk on the beach with my red hair floating in the wind.” Chances are you will be the only redhead on the sandy shores. Rock it!


4. “I hope my friends don’t want to sit in the sun for 12 hours a day.” Many redheads have those olive-skinned friends who want to bake in the sun until it sets. Meanwhile, you’re running to “get a drink,” a.k.a. hiding in the shade every chance you get!


5. “Let’s hope no one points out my sunburn.” There is always that one person who points out that you spent too many hours in the sun and need aloe.


6. “Did I pack my instant tanner?” C’mon, you want to look like your skin is glowing too! (Beauty tip: Don’t go crazy with it, let it look natural.)


7. “I know I am going to be compared to Ariel about a million times this vacation.” A redhead… at the beach. You’re definitely going to be compared to the Disney princess about a million times.


8. “Hats and scarfs occupy my entire beach bag. I need to protect these precious locks!” And, after spending days in the sun, you can’t have people asking if your hair is red or blonde.


9. “Is my hat big enough? It has to cover my head, face AND shoulders.” We don’t blame you. You want to stay looking young. You go, girl!


10. “I wonder if I can buy an umbrella at the beach?” If your friends are going to spend all day at the beach, you might as well invest in some shade. And hey, maybe you can use it for some spying too.


Last but not least, Rock it like a Redhead on vacation!