Here’s a few insider tips, in case you have one too:

1. People will comment on the red hair constantly.

“Oh, that red hair is so cute! Women pay hundreds to get that color.”



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2. Sun protection is a must.

Hats, sunscreen, umbrellas — your redhead baby will need it.


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3. People will always ask if you’re the parent (especially if you don’t have red hair).

For some reason, strangers think redheads come from magical parents.


4. You will get the question: “Where did the red hair come from?”


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5. You will also get the question: “Were you shocked you had a redhead baby?!”


6. It is incredibly rare. Only 4% of the world’s population has the gene.


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7. Redheads tend to feel more pain.

The non-stop crying at the doctors could be perfectly normal! Read more here.


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8. Your little one might need more anesthesia.

It’s true! Read more here.

9. You will never get sick of the red hair.


10. Generally speaking, all babies can be opinionated. But redhead babies WILL tell you when they are unhappy.

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…and if you’re the parent (aunt, uncle, or relative) of a beautiful redhead baby, always remember to tell them to love their locks & Rock it like a Redhead! 

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