Here’s a few insider tips, in case you have one too:

1. People will comment on the red hair constantly.

“Oh, that red hair is so cute! Women pay hundreds to get that color.”



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2. Sun protection is a must.

Hats, sunscreen, umbrellas — your redhead baby will need it.


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3. People will always ask if you’re the parent (especially if you don’t have red hair).

For some reason, strangers think redheads come from magical parents.


4. You will get the question: “Where did the red hair come from?”


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5. You will also get the question: “Were you shocked you had a redhead baby?!”

6. It is incredibly rare. Only 4% of the world’s population has the gene.


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7. Redheads tend to feel more pain.

The non-stop crying at the doctors could be perfectly normal! Read more here.


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8. Your little one might need more anesthesia.

It’s true! Read more here.


9. You will never get sick of the red hair.


10. Generally speaking, all babies can be opinionated. But redhead babies WILL tell you when they are unhappy.

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..and if you’re the parent (aunt, uncle, or relative) of a beautiful redhead baby, always remember to tell them to love their locks & Rock it like a Redhead! 

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks Lucy! Alas David’s is gone. (the color that is))

    • Estelle

      I am the mom of 2 redhead girls. My sons grow red beards,but, don’t have red on their heads! I was shocked when I had my first red haired girl. My husband isn’t a redhead,nor am I. BUT, my husband has 3 red haired sisters….VOILA!! I must have the most recessive genes.
      When my fourth child was being born, I told the MD, “If the head comes out with red hair on it, it’s a girl.” He was surprised that it turned out to be so.
      It’s like being with ROCK STARS when I’m with my girls. They are gorgeous and nice ladies.
      I haven’t read this in any medical books,but, it seems that redheads (females,anyway) bleed more when cut than non-redheads.

      • Anonymous

        I am a strawberry blonde, (bright orange, when i was born), and I hemorrhaged with babies #2 and #3. THe nurse told me that redheads bleed a lot. But I have yet to find a doctor to confirm this.

        • A

          I’m a red head to and experienced the same thing after giving birth. My OB was the one that told me it was common.

        • Anonymous

          A doctor told me that red heads bleed for no reason.

        • Anonymous

          Had 4 children and never bleed excessively at all. My pain levels are fine. I believe I am a redhead because my Dad was blond and mother brunette. My sister is redhead, and my daughter is redhead also. Love it Great colour.

          • Cherri

            If your a red head you should learn about the red head jean, A red head has 2 red head jeans, your mum has 1 jean because she is not a red head and your dad has 1 jean he also is not a red head just carriers and they both passed the jean onto you.

            • Cherri

              Red head jean is a Recessive Jean so both parents need to pass it on to a red head child, non red head children can be carriers and pass it onto their children that is why Red Heads are rare and dying out

              • C. Evans

                Look around. They are neither dying out nor rare!

            • Me

              @ Cherri Studdy up on your grammar usage and spelling. The red headed GENE (not jean) is a recessive GENE (not jean).

              • Me

                Just as I forgot to spell check before my posting. I misspelled study.

                • Anonymous

                  That’s what you get for being a A–

                  • Harvard

                    So who’s the A now?

              • SD

                Thank you!!!! That was bugging me! Question though…..,My mom was a full red head and my dad is mostly Indian with dark black hair. I ended up with what they call strawberry blonde hair, I tan really well, and my children ended up with blonde hair. My husband has brown hair. The gene comment confused me when she said neither parent had red hair……..

                • SD

                  I’m also not a bleeder but they say we do have a higher risk of being anemic. I have only been diagnosed with that when I was pregnant.

                  • GrammaSarah

                    I’m a redhead, I’m anemic and when I went through menopause, the bleeding was atrocious. And, yeah, I have many pain causing health issues and nothing has been able to help the pain. But, I’m tough and I take it like a redhead and sweet enough to still charm my man after all these years. Go redheads!

                    • GrammaSarah

                      I forgot to mention, when I was born my hair was maroon…near purple. As I got older it changed to auburn. Today, at the age of 57 its still that beautiful auburn and shines like a new penny in the sun. I have very little gray (which is a bright silver). I’m hoping it stays auburn through my 60s. I should keep a sample to match a dye to if I choose to dye it back when I go all gray. Its long enough to sit on, so I’m hoping Locks of Love will get a LOT of use out of it when I cut it on my 60th birthday.

              • Tom

                Hey teacher. STUDY!

            • Anonymous


            • Tamara

              My mom had red hair, both my husband and I had red hair, and my daughter has red hair. So it got passed easily and I do have a low tolerance for pain and very few gray hairs. I am current 47 and daughter is 4. I also have heavy cycles so most of the statements are true for me.

            • Louise

              Cherri, it is gene, not jean. Yes, I am the spelling police! :>)

        • Peggy

          i was also told that. I hemorrhage after my 2 and 4. I have red hair but only one of my boys has red hair.

        • Judith

          This is true. In medicine, we watch out for the redheads. I’m an RN

        • jordan

          I did the same with both of my babies! Had to have transfusions with both. Hence, no more babies for us!

      • Darva Earnest

        I’m a redhead. Very heavy bleeder!

        • Jenni

          My sister is a redhead and has had chronic bloody noses her entire life. She also bled heavily with all three of her pregnancies

      • Karen

        I am a nurse. I have 2 redhead daughters. One is on life long blood thinners due to 2 common inherited genetic clotting disorders (Leiden Factor V and MTHFR) that resulted in blood clots and pulmonary embolisms after athletic injuries, leg surgeries and emotional stress. Our hematologist (blood specialist) explained the redhead bleeding tendency this way: Most redheads have European/German ancestory. Genetic clotting and bleeding disorders are genetically more common in fair skinned (often red head) individuals with European/German ancestory. Testing and treatment only occurs when symptoms/problems arise. My other red head daughter is symptom free, but she also has the Leiden Factor 5 gene. he was tested because she was pregnant when my other daughter had her first pulmonary embolisms. Pregnancy is considered a hypercoagulation state meaning clots form more easily. Women who carry these genes need to be on medication to prevent blood clot formation during their pregnancy. Lovenox is a common injection used for this purpose during pregnancy. My third daughter who is blonde does not have carry any clotting or bleeding disorders. So, mothers of redheads need to be a little more cautious and talk about reoccuring pain/ shortness of breath/ easy bruising etc with their health care providers.

        • squirrelingdervish

          i am a redhead, I also have Factor V.

      • Susie

        My son has red in his beard…my daughter, a few red highlights. I’m the redhead, with the freckles.

      • Maria

        I’m a strawberry blonde and I have always bled easily. I get nose bleeds for no reason (that won’t clot) and when I cut myself seriously it did not stop bleeding for hours. I’ve never been told this by a Doctor, but I’ve found it is true for me. I also have a very hard time with chronic pain, for seemingly little or no reason.

      • Loah

        My Midwife told me that red heads bead more and I definately need extra novocaine when getting my teeth worked on.

      • Judith

        This is true. In medicine, we watch out for the redheads.

      • Anonymous

        The bleeding thing is true! I learned that when I had my son from my ob. I’m not a red head, but for some reason my (ahem…tmi) pubic hair is, and brightly so. I don’t accept blood transfusions, and after all the paperwork was signed for that, and he had broke my water, he told the nurse I was a natural redhead and to go get something to have on standby since redheads are proven to bleeding heavier than others.

    • My sister had a redheaded boy. He got married last december and everyday of his life he has been a precious joy to behold. My sister does not have red hair but when his daddy grows a beard it is red. His dad has blonde hair. Go figure!

    • Leah

      My husband and I both have dark brown hair by nature. Our 2 year old has blonde (starting to get dish-watery blonde) and our 3 month old has red hair. My twin brothers are both red heads, although one of them is starting to get very dark hair as he ages, and one of my nephews has orange-red hair! My sister has strawberry-blonde hair, and both of our parents have brown and black hair. Both grandmothers however have red hair and so did my husband’s grandfather. I’ve always said I was supposed to be a redhead because I have the complexion and freckles of such, and burn terribly bad. We always imagined having dark haired, olive-skinned children due to the mix between my husband and I. Never would have guessed a blonde and a red head (although the chances were great!) We get lots of stares! 🙂

    • I am the mom of one redheaded daughter and she has two redheaded children. All ten of those things are correct. One of the funniest things that happened with us, is we were shopping and some Asian people were fascinated with her hair and came to me and asked if they could touch her hair. It frightened her, she was probably 5 at the time. But she some got used to that behavior.

  • Anonymous

    Cute! I’m a redhead and have a redheaded boy (now 7 1/2) and a non-redheaded girl. These are all true for both he and I. Thank goodness my daughter is stunning or she’d never get noticed beside her brother. lol Every comment is about him and his red hair. And I still get asked where the red hair came from even though I’m also a redhead.

    • Ronda

      Pure jealousy! You’re a closet wanna-be. Wink!

      • Sandra

        My daughter has red hair. No freckles an she is so beautiful. Red heads are very special an rare.

        • Jo

          Brunette daughter has freckles. Red-haired son has none.

    • Kellie K

      Jeff weaver you’re “insides” are “ugly as hell” regardless of what you look like on the outside!! I happen to be a redhead and have two gorgeous redheaded daughters. You, sir are sorely mistaken.

      • Maureen

        AMEN Kellie K!

    • Jeff Weaver, you are ugly as hell too!!

    • Kate

      Wow, what a hateful thing to say, especially when you are speaking about a child. You also might want to look up subject-verb agreement and learn how to write a proper sentence.

    • Anonymous

      You’re an ass!

    • Kristy

      That is incredibly rude! I happen to think red heads with freckles are so cute and even hot as hell. Not ugly as hell, you ass.

    • Laura

      Shut your mouth Jeff Weaver. You are an ugly human being.

    • Fransheska

      Jeff weaver, you can stick your biased opinion right into your lame ass.

    • Anonymous

      Not all redheads are inundated with freckles.

    • Tracy


      You’re a douche bag!

      • Anonymous

        This is your whole social life Jiminy & Jeff? Being a-holes on a baby page? Wowzers! Your Mamas must be so proud!

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      U are a jerk I have red hair

    • Crystal

      Not all Redheads have freckles…Look at Julia Roberts…Reba…they are beautiful women

      • Precious

        Obviously Jeff & jiminy are the same person! Ha!

      • Tj Brock

        And they would be just as beautiful if they did hand freckles!

      • Court

        ok…there is many redheads who have freckles and are gorgeous too there is nothing wrong with freckles.

      • Wayne

        They are beautiful but they do have freckles

      • bob

        i dont think either of them are natural

    • Judy

      Jeff, where have you been? A face without freckles is like a night without stars!!

    • Anonymous

      Your stupid

    • Anonymous

      You must have a little dick

    • Tess

      Get off this page you rude person!

    • lauren

      Aw poor boy can’t get one ;(

    • Anonymous

      You’re an asshole.

    • Kelly

      Haters will hate

    • Carrie

      You are mean. What is wrong with you?

    • Anonymous

      I bet YOU are ugly as hell!!! Multiplied by 1000. Fuck you.

    • andykate

      Your a dumb fuck for saying red hair and freckles are ugly, your ugly! Red&freckles are beautiful

    • Anonymous

      And your uglier than that , sorry!!

    • Joanne

      You are rude and ignorant Jeff Weaver.

    • Jesseca

      To put it nicely, Jeff, you can kiss my daughters ass!

    • Alexandria

      Youre ugly as hell

    • Pat O’Leary

      Nuts! My wife was a redhead, my partner was a redhead – delicious, interesting, independent, beautiful women. Lying in bed on a Sunday morning playing join the freckles with the tip of my tongue – bliss.

    • Anonymous

      you are disgusting to speak like that of red headed children. Most ignorant comment ever. Red heads are like rare gems, and your attitude is like a rock. Dumb as a rock

    • Maureen

      Jeff, its a shame you have to make such a blanket statement about red hair and freckles!! My son and my niece are both red headed and freckled and are gorgeous!!!

    • Chloe

      There is no reason for a person to be so mean to a little boy…

    • Anne M.

      My daughter and I have auburn hair, but I have a beautiful 2 year old granddaughter with ginger hair. ( Both of her parents have brown hair.}Her ginger color comes from her daddys side.} She is one of the greatest lights of my life. If any guy would ever have the nerve to tell me that she is “soulless” to my face, I can GUARANTEE that he would be singing soprano for quite some time. Nuff said!

    • Carri

      Not as ugly as a bad attitude.

    • Jeff Weaver I bet you are ugly

    • Rita

      Perhaps Jiminy and Jeff are the same. No matter, it is sad that they or he must go to a section about redheads just to make ugly comments. Karma is a bitch though. You are stroking their ego by commenting to them/him. The rest of us who chose to read this KNOW that redheads are beautiful, rare gifts to the world (with or without freckles!)

    • Anonymous

      And so are you!

    • John

      Wow that’s just lame. He must be a bimbo lover. There’s nothing as beautiful as a fair skinned redhead with lots of freckles

    • Anonymous

      OMG, I get that too! Seriously? Ummm, look at MY RED HAIR! LOL

    • cherie

      Reply to where did that red hair come from: It came with my head!!!

  • Blessed One

    I taught my red-headed daughter to respond with, “at the hospital” when folks asked her where she got her red hair. I was born with red hair and my other daughter is a strawberry blonde beauty…. so she its obvious she is mine!

    • marley

      as far as where the red hair came from…..(mom and dad both had dark brown hair) IT CAME WITH THE HEAD!!! was always a favorite response. my grandmother was a redhead 😉

      • Anonymous

        Great reply!!!

      • Someone once asked me (very rudely) where we got a red headed baby…my husband, my older 2 sons and I all have dark hair…I told her he was just laying in a stroller and I snatched him when no one was looking!

    • xeridot

      I got my red hair from my daddy but my mom dyed her blonde hair red and got away with it for years; everyone assumed it was natural.

      • susan

        I have a daughter with dark brown hair and eyes. A son with blond hair and blue eyes. And one son with red hair and blue eyes. I still dye my hair red because my redhead son would cry about being the only one with red hair.

    • Kellie

      My 2 redheads are adopted and we get the “Where did the red hair come from” question everyday practically. Not wanting to be rude but not wanting to explain to every stranger in the line at Walmart that they are adopted I knew I had to come up with something. I taught them to respond with “God”. They always say something like “well I guess your right” ,etc and there are never anymore questions 🙂 They have said is so many times now that they can tell when the question is coming and they spout out “GOD!” Very quickly and move on haha

      • GrammaSarah

        My parents used to get that question all the time too. They used to laughingly say “From the milkman (who used to drop off milk in glass bottles back in those days). Anyway, when I was five and someone asked that question I said “From the milkman”. I didn’t know that it implied that my mom had slept with the milkman…and NO she didn’t! But, as you might imagine, my parents were embarrassed and never used that comment again. Parents, please teach your adorable redheads to say from my mom and dad’s genes. Its the truth, but no less embarrassing. heehee By the way, both of my parents had dark brown hair. None of my children had red hair, but my son has a red beard. Their dad is brown haired…my kids were blonde, honey blond and dark brown (almost black) haired. People used to ask me if my dark haired had a different dad. No, but it was amusing that they thought so. Not one of us in our little family of 5 had the same color hair. One more word from me about red heads…no, we don’t have firey tempers (unless unduly provolked, not all redheads have freckles-but I do and kids at school made horrible fun of me calling me a redheaded freckle faced strawberry. I didn’t have a good come back for it and used to go off pouting. Teach your child to laugh instead of feel hurt. My oldest daughter had one ear bigger than the other when she was little and it hurt her terribly when the kids called her names like Dumbo. So, I told her to make fun of herself or say thanks its a compliment and tell them that their just jealous, cuz she can fly and they can’t. She did say that and they left her alone. It may not have been the best thing for me to tell her to say, but she has a great sense of humor and thanks me for telling her that so the kids would leave her alone. Kids can be brutal to one another…as adults, so give your child a suit of armor and send them into the battle ready to take the world on and love every minute of it. I’m not suggesting fighting, I’m suggesting a sense of humor. If anyone has anything negative to say to me about any of this…well, you didn’t live my life or my child’s and she’s an amazing loving talented RN for ICU at her hospital and can handle anything thrown at her. Her ears sort of evened out, she’s beautiful and has been offered a job as a model. So there, bullies!

  • i do have all these troubles….everything about me is super-sensitive…and pain?…yes….anethesia?…yes, more please

    • Debbie

      Yes – I am very sensitive to pain and the Dentist! I do not like either and I am a 44 yo redhead. 🙂 Sadly, children are not redheaded 🙁

  • Pat

    My husband was blond and I have dark brown hair but my father was a family of red headed Irishmen, so when I had my first son he had a head full of red ringlets! Surprise, surprise ………. Then 2 years later I had my daughter with a head full of red beautiful curls. Then my 3rd and youngest son took after his dad with white/blond hair. Certainly made life interesting ………………….

  • Amanda

    All seem true lol. Well except when it comes to me I tolerate pain very well. We have a very heavy red head line. About 15 living members with red hair on my dad’s side. When I had children I never thought I would have red headed babies since they are bi-racial, the odds were not in my favor. I have 2, my oldest daughter has brown hair with heavy red highlights but my youngest daughter is a full blown red head! And to add to the greatness of being red headed she always has blue eyes. I was truly shocked when she was born and they said she had a head full of red hair and so was her dad.

    • Amanda

      Also has blue eyes*

      • Anonymous

        My nephew is an unique redhead. He has brown eyes and olive complexion.

        • Anne M.

          My daughter does, as well!

        • My Dad’s family came from the British Ilses so we have quite a few gingers in our family. I’m what they call dark Scotch. Dark brown hair n eyes, olive skin. My son’s father was the same and we both had a bit of American Indian in us. We both had alot of red highlights. My son was born with the most beautiful auburn hair, olive skin and brown eyes. Barbers used to hate to cut his hair because the color was so beautiful. Luv me some GINGERS!!!

        • Anonymous

          Beautiful combination

    • Erin

      Neither of my biracial children got my red hair 🙁 So I’m hoping for redhead grandchildren one day…

      • guest

        and what dna strand did you expect to transfer???

    • Jill

      Pain tolerance for me, too, is not a problem. In fact, I take too much to anesthesia! Took me forever to wear off my last epidural even though I told the Anesthesiologist to go easy. Lol

      I have 5 kids, none are redheads.

      • Anonymous

        I have 7 children…. 5 are redheads!! I love it! I was redheaded until I started having children…. the more I had, the darker it got.

        • Lindsay

          That’s me too! I had beautiful auburn hair until I started having children, then it turned a mousy brown. I dye it now to try to get it my auburn-y color again, and most people don’t even realize that it’s not my “natural” color anymore (even though it kind of is!) None of my babies got my red hair, but my youngest looks more promising for auburn streaks the older she gets!

    • Karen

      You are right, redheads actually have a higher tolerance for pain other than thermal pain. The author is incorrect on a number of points.

      • SD

        Yeah, Dr.’s are shocked at my high pain tolerance…….

  • Now that my babes are getting older they are turning from redheads to strawberry blonds like me, but we rock all redhead qualities. From dry skin (ugh) to a spitfire attitude! 🙂 Great post! I identify with ALL of these.

    • Rita

      My aunt’s hair did not turn blonde (like my dad’s…both redheads), but turned a beautiful pink!

  • Lacey

    I have gone through all of this except the pain. The only pain that really bothers me is head pain and tooth pain. Other than that, I have a very high pain tolerance.

    • Mary Ann Chester

      I hate going to the dentist. Even teeth cleaning causes me so much pain. I go twice a year so I won’t have to have major work. I’ve had 2 root canals. It was horrible! MAC

    • Judy

      I too am a redhead and have a very high tolerance for pain. I am 56 years old and had all 3 of my children natural childbirth. At 50 I decided to get tattoos on my feet (with my grandchildrens names). The tattoo artist could not believe how well I did with the pain. Love gingers! Sadly,no grandchildren with red hair.

  • There are 3 kids in our family. All of us redheads. Growing up I always thought it would be weird if one of us had a different color hair.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know. Is it you should know

  • Lisa

    I have a 24 year old son, who now has a daughter with the same beautiful red hair, she will be four on Saturday. Love my red heads! Didn’t realize having the gene was so rare, my hair has natural red highlights,to which I’ve added over the years. Rock it like a red head!

  • Anonymous


  • Michelle

    i have long red curly hair an blue eyes and am blessed to have two beautiful daughters with red curly hair one with hazel eyes an one with green! Both bi-racial beautiful mix of Caucasian & African American

  • Leslie

    My husband & are both redheads. Looking forward to have redhead babies of our own 🙂

    • GingerPammy

      Won’t necessarily happen I’m afraid, hubs and I both are so were hoping for the same – our son had very dark hair when he was born and then turned white blond by the time he was 1. Now nearly 2.5 and not even a hint!!!

  • Charlotte

    My Mother had Auburn (red) hair but I always said I got it from my Daddy’s mustache (his hair was black) Both my boys had red hair and I have been try to recapture the color I had for several years now. NOT POSSIBLE

  • Clarissa

    My grandfather was a redhead with the nick name of Red or big red. He and my grand mother who had dark hair had 5 living children 3 brown haired boys and 2 blonde girls. My mother, the youngest girl, had the only redhead grandchild and I then had the only redheaded great grandchild. My hair was a lot darker when I was younger and has become strawberry blonde after 2 yrs in tampa fl. My daughter’s hair is lighter on top than on bottom and she has always had beautiful Natural highlights. I live being a redhead or a ginger as my boyfriend of 9 years calls me.

    • Rose

      My great-GGGrandfather was born in Ireland and came to the US as a young man. He lived in GA and his grave is there. I don’t know if he was a redhead or not. My grandfather had red hair and people referred to him as “Big Red”. He had one daughter who was a redhead. One of my sisters had auburn hair. I had dark hair with a reddish tinge to it. One of my sisters boys is a full blown curly redhead. He has a lot of trouble acne I don’t if that is common in redheads or not.

      • Carol

        So did me and my son. Redheads with lots of pimples, until two years ago I discovered you can be allergic to food dye. Cut out the food dye. Red 40, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, etc. Sometimes followed by the word “Lake” I.E. “Blue 1 Lake”. Hope that helps, I’m so exited I’m going to tell the world, TELL EVERY PIMPLY KID YOU KNOW THAT FOOD DYE CAN CAUSE PIMPLES IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC. My name is Carol Hanna and I approve this message.

  • Linda

    We had 2 redheads and 4 blondes (I am blonde, hubby is brown). One of the reds had a red, the other had 2 browns. One blonde had 2 reds. We have a healthy dose of Irish heritage. Sweetest kids ever!

  • I’m a red head but when I got older it turned blond now I die it a chestnut color which brings out the original red. And yes everybody wants to be a red

  • Mary Ann Chester

    My red hair has varied in shades throughout my life, but there is still no mistake that my hair is RED! Now that I am of the age of grey hair, I am constantly accused of dying my hair. I tell them there are so many different shades in my hair, who knows there may be some grey hair in there. My hair grows quickly, so every 2 years I am able to send 10 inches of red hair to Locks for Love. Some where there is a kid fighting cancer with a wig of their own natural color. There is power in the red hair! MAC

    • Kellie K

      My daughters and I used to think the same thing, Mary Ann Chester. Unfortunately, it’s not true. They bleach it all and dye it because it takes numerous bundles to make one wig and they need them to match. My daughter was devastated to find this out at six years old! After having a hard time finding redheaded baby dolls or barbies she really understood about it’s rarity and wanted to help another redheaded child.

    • After reading about locks of love, we decided to donate my sons hair to Children with Hair Loss…and they only require 8 inches! My 10 yr old red headed boy is at 7 3/4 inches and he is so ready to cut it off!

    • Christie Mooney

      My Dad was a redhead. His Mom and her 3 sisters and my great grandmother had red hair. I had strawberry blonde hair in my youth. My husband has light brown hair, and both of his parents had dark brown hair. They had 4 children all with red hair except for my husband. We have one son who has red hair and blue eyes. While he was in college he had to take a class that required community service. While researching what he wanted to do, he came across Locks of Love. He knew that he could not grow his hair long enough during one semester, but he decided since red hair was so rare and in great demand that he would grow his. 2 years later, he donated 14 inches to Locks of Love. I was happy that he cut it before his graduation. But later, I decided that I missed it. It was beautiful. He said college was the only time in his life that he would be able to grow it like that, and he was proud that he was able to make some little redhead happy. One of my proudest moments.

  • Anonymous

    this is so true!!!! I have a red headed 5 year old daughter and I can’t swing my arm with out knocking over 10 people who ask questions or make comments about her hair. I absolutely get if I’m her parent and where the red came from all of the time too. I had one lady ask my husband and I together if she was ours. We just laugh about it. She has a ton of self
    Confidence and totally rocks the red!

  • Anonymous

    i have two beautiful redheaded will be 25 june 3rd and the other will be 6 dec 3rd…and everyone of these has been said to me throughout the yrs..they both are gorgeous girls, very opinionated they are..they both have their own since of charisma and their own since of style..God gave me two of the most cherished gifts when i had the both of them and i thank him every day for picking me to be their mother…for i am the lucky one…

  • Brittany

    My grandmother has red hair and she got so tired of being accused of dying it at 70 years old that she actually dyed it gray so everyone would stop accusing. She’s a spitfire, always has been. My husband and I both have brown hair with a red tint. His daughter from a previous relationship came out with flaming red hair but soon turned blonde. No telling what color our future childrens hair will be!

  • Belinda

    My daughter is a redhead and she is the most beautiful girl in the world in my eyes! Of course for some reason now that’s she’s 11 she don’t like her red hair and always says she wants blonde, but I love her red hair and she is beautiful!

  • Ronda

    I have very HIGH tolerance to pain. However, meds and anesthesia have never worked properly.

  • im a red head and now I have red head grandson and his parent don’t have red hair so its come from me lol where pain is concerned I read that red head feel less pain reds take a lot of sht but when they blow they blow like ten men I love my red hair and now im coming up to 48 and still has red has when I was born how good is that and red hair is said to come from a royal line

  • Diane

    Redheads rule! Especially when your grandson inherited your red hair!

  • Anonymous

    This is awesome I have 4 little red heads as I am a strawberry blonde and I love their personalities and wouldn’t trade them for anything #redhead

  • Leslie Tramposch

    The interesting thing is that both parents have to carry the gene. My son in law is a red head so we know where our red headed granddaughter got one of the genes, our side is Italian, Germany, Austrian and very recently so. Still trying to figure out where the other gene came from, lol. No wonder its so rare.

  • Anonymous

    We know where it comes from! It is in your genes about 3 generations back (or four)

  • Wendy Jackson

    I was adopted so I don’t know where the red comes from. But I’m strawberry blonde. And it gets even lighter in the summer. Everyone calls me blonde! (I hate it!) Two of my sons have red in their hair, beards, and mush stashes! I’m really hoping for a red headed grand child! My other son has black hair. He has American Indian in him. My sister has 3 granddaughters. One is a flaming red headed beauty . My sister was adopted too so she doesn’t know where the red came from either.

  • Anonymous

    I have red headed grandchildren and they are both very special people, of course their redheaded daddy was a kind wonderful person.

  • Anonymous

    I have three redheaded babies! This is all true, but what it’s lacking is a statement about how much commotion being out in public with more than one little ginger will cause. People just can’t get over it! 😀

    • kelly

      That is so true! I have 4 redheads out of 6!

  • Fransheska

    I wish I had natural red hair… I’m super pale and all freckled and my pain intolerance is super high as well as being super photosensitive, and living in Costa Rica makes it really hard to deal with, however I was born with brown hair though it has reddish highlights and brown eyes with yellow flecks xD but still I wish I had been born redheaded, you guys are the best. Cheers and pura vida 😀

  • Marg

    Another one: Are you part Irish?

  • Anonymous

    Mark Twain said ” The rest of the species are descended from apes, redheads are descended from cats” From a redhead with 3 redheaded kids :0

  • I have a gorgeous redheaded daughter who is 26 now. She has always been complimented and told how gorgeous she is. Voted Most Attractive in her Senior Class. She is now expecting my first grand baby. I would b tickled pink if he was a lil redhead like his mommy:) Don’t be so rude and “ugly” in your comments Jeff. Truth b known if we could see you….. I bet you are non too lovely yourself! Redheads Rock:)))

  • Janissa

    No, silly. We have EXTRA souls because we steal them. Be careful or we will take yours…

  • No, silly. We have EXTRA souls because we steal them! Be careful or we will take yours!

  • Liv

    What beautiful pictures, all wee cuties. Numbers 9 and 10 have such beautiful eyes too

  • Mary

    My husband and I have 3 redheads out of 4 children! Neither of us has red hair and the family tie goes back several generations. We always get attention especially if all three redheads are together. Most of these characteristics have been true in varying degrees with mine. My oldest is the non redhead but his beard is red!!! We hope to have some redheaded grandchildren. Love them!

  • jean grenier

    I had a red headed little girl. She was adorable. A very good baby. As she became older, she certainly knew what she wanted, and demanded it.

  • jean grenier

    I personally love red hair.

  • August

    So if you were to bear a red headed child you would put it up for adoption??

  • Tom

    You are the most ignorant person that I have had the misfortune of coming across in any conversation. You have no idea what you are talking about, you can’t spell or speak correctly. Maybe from inbreeding ( do you understand that word or is it beyond understanding in that non-functioning brain of yours) Maybe instead of insulting people you don’t know you should get an education, or I could meet you and teach you a lesson

    • Tom

      This was meant for Jiminy the little cricket in case he didn’t pick up on that

      • Tom

        What’s the matter Jiminy no quick witted comeback or is your mommy not around to write it for you

  • Stevie

    I’m a red headed 14 year old girl and I live red hair wouldn’t change it for the would but I am constantly asked if it’s natural I’m like yes yes it is

    • My name is red

      I’m a red hair and i get were can I get that Color I say you can’t you have to be born with it I would not change it for anything that make me my self

    • Alida

      I’m a 14 year old redhead and I get asked that question literally everywhere I go.

  • Pix3lPi

    I have redhair blue eyes but both my girls are blondes, they just have my eye color. People always ask if they are mine. I say no they are just traveling companions…

  • Susan M Grimes

    I am a redhead with freckles. I have a son who is a redhead with freckles and my father was a redhead. I love my red hair and I am proud of it!!! I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world!!!! #Ginger.

  • Ashtan

    Jiminy———GROW UP LOSER!!!!

  • That’s not true, dont group all redheads together, thats an ignorant statement. As with any hair color, some are prettier than others. Redheaded, with redheaded grandson, and a couple of others whom have shown a little color at first, all pretty and handsome. And you could use a grammer leason.

  • Angela

    I’ve had everyone of these with my daughter who is 20 and I still hear number 1 women pay $100 for that color lol. And number 7 explains a lot as well.

  • kathy

    I am 57 years old, been a redhead all my life and still get asked where did the red hair come from. I just laugh and say it came with the head

  • Both me and my partner are black. Three out of four of our children have the brightest red curls. Also, we are both dark skinned and they are light. We get asked which of us is the biological parent, if they are our kids, and how did they get red hair. I say “I’m sure it’s in there genes.” He always says something rude back

  • I had a shock of copper red hair growing up. I went under anesthesia for surgery as a child and woke up during the surgery, thank god I don’t recall any pain. And I have always needed more novacaine than most during dental procedures. Also I am very sensitive to sunlight , MUST wear sunglasses!
    Married a 100% Italian, my kids did not get red hair, but I am praying for some Ginger Grandbabies!!!!

    • Britnee

      I had copper hair growing up, but it has become more brown as I’ve aged. I also went under anesthesia as a child and woke up. My dad is 1/2 Hispanic, but I burn before I tan because I am very pale. I have hazel eyes.
      My husband have many reasons we don’t want children, but there are some days I would reconsider it, if I knew I would have a redheaded child 🙂

  • what is the point of fighting on a baby page. There are children looking at this that are red heads and have freckess. They will that they are ugly and not normal . Every has the right to an opinion. I am 15 years old with red hair and freckleas and image if I felt after reading this that it’s true all red heads are ugle so close myself from the world and not talk to anyone and then take my love our someone’s comment. And when someone mocks a redhead and call them ugly they passing a rasium comment . So get off this baby page if ye are still going to fighting.-

  • Anonymous

    I love my red haired daughter she has the most amazing red color to her hair, absolutely gorgeous… Red haired are beautiful children.

  • My I have high pain tolerance and don’t need a lot of anestetic unless having a long surgery, because I will come out of it quickley as does my Mom and Daughter(both also redheads)And we are Cystic kinda people too

  • Our middle son has red hair and people always comment “What beautiful/great/awesome red hair you have!” His response is, in a very serious little boy manner, “My hair is not red, it’s dark orange.”

    • Rebecca Buscemi

      That is so funny! My daughter is a redhead and so is a boy in her class and she told me he didn’t have red hair and when I asked her why she thought so she said “because when we have to draw pictures of ourselves he colors his hair with the orange crayon not the red.”

    • Anonymous

      That’s been our grandson’s reply to comments about his hair….it’s NOT red; it’s ORANGE 🙂
      now he has a baby sister with orange hair

  • Stacy

    I have red hair & when I was younger I hated it but now I am 35 & I love it. People remember me because of my hair. I can go years without seeing them & if I come across them again they remember me.

  • stephanie

    This is all very true. My fiance and I have a redhead boy and the redhead gene skipped 3 generations And we love it does anyone believe the redhead myth about tempers is true? My Lil man is double the trouble !

  • marci

    I’ve got two gingers and a tow-head between them. It’s kinda funny that the tow-head gets the most comments! They all have spectacularly beautiful hair and the amazing personalities to match. They’re all boys. I’m afraid to have another one and have it be a girl because she’ll inevitably get my dark blond blah hair and hate her brothers all her life for having hair that’s the envy of the entire universe.

    Also, yes to all of the above! Go gingers!

  • My mom had 3 redheads and thats super cool and im the only blonde out of my siblings my parents are magical

  • We have 3 red-haired grandsons, they are all precious! Wouldn’t change the color for anything. One of the great-
    grandmothers has red hair.

  • Kenzie

    Umm I’m a redhead nd love it nd my boyfriend loves oh nd I also have freckles nd it’s funny to watch my boyfriend try to kinect them all!! Redheads can also be very hotheaded so carefully when you make one mad…..just saying:)

  • Doc Sallee

    I am a red headed woman with green eyes and no freckles, Jeff. My hair is very frequently commented upon. I have been asked,”Why do you have red hair?”. I responded, “Because I can,”. I definitely feel pain more fiercely. Anesthesia does not work well for me. I have awakened during surgical procedures and demonstrated my temper. Sunshine loves to eat my alive. Other than one aberrant period of time,I have never gone tired of my red hair. My aunt, grandmother and great grandmother had red hair. I love that connection.

  • Anonymous

    We have a lot of red heads In my family. Grandma and pa my mom n uncle uncles boy and my nephew. .. fingers crossed if I ever have another it will be red… ♡♡♡♡ it

  • i love red heads but just so everyone knows red hair comes from a gene mutation

  • xeridot

    I’m a 57-year-old redhead and, yep, we heard all that all of my life. Here’s another “thing to know about redheads” … They don’t get gray; their hair turns white as they age. These pictures answered a longtime question … if it’s genetically possible to have red hair and brown eyes.

    • Carolyn G

      I am a 56 yo redhead. Yes my hair is still naturally red. My mom and dad both had brown hair. They have 5 children, three with brown hair and two redheads. I have two children, one blond and one with brown hair. I have all of the above issues – super dry skin, need extra anesthesia, hemorraged after giving birth etc. But I still am happy to be a redhead!

  • Andy

    My Daughter has beautiful red hair and Crystal blue eyes and neither of us (her mother and I) have red hair, (in truth my beard is sorta red) and when my wife says, “No, my husbands hair isn’t red” everyone gives her these dirty looks like, “Must be a Milk-Man baby, what a hussy!” And in truth it actually bothers my wife quite a bit. But all in all we wouldn’t change her red hair for the world. She is only 7mths so we haven’t had her in the summer sun yet but we are really worried about any sunburn or over exposure. Any tips for what sunscreen works the best?

    • Britnee

      I always use the highest SPF I can find, haha. 50+ or even 100.

    • Chloe

      I was born from two brunettes. I was the only redhead born to my entire family for three generations. Its very important to sunblock your daughter. Blisters can get really painful if you forget. Don’t use the spray on ones they can cause serious irritation and even though my sister is brunette it caused her to blister and rash. Bathing suits or just normal clothing that covers shoulders are serious life savers. I stopped using sunblock because none of them are strong enough. Be careful too! The compliments your daughter will get will probably infate her ego as she get older.

  • Andy

    I cant see the comments left by this “Jeff and or Jiminy cricket” what happened? Is it another of the contrived and absurd red hair hater commetns that only make the person who made them look stupid ignorant and down right ridiculous?

  • Haha, yes, yes, yes! All three of my boys are redheads with blue eyes, and they are constantly receiving comments! Much better now I’ve noted, as I was constantly teased as a young redhead.. they mostly get compliments.. mostly. Some occasions there is an oddball–like the lady in the grocery store telling us they had the devil in them, meh.. 😀 You can see tons of photos of my guys on my website:

    • Mel

      Tayna…your red heads are beautiful children!! I was born with copper colored hair similar to your kids. As I grew up, it would turn from strawberry in the summer to a dark auburn in the winter….after I had my own auburn headed child, my hair turned brown and wavy…. I miss my red hair!

  • Anonymous

    I have a beautiful red headed daughter, her hair is almost straight, just a slight wave here and there. Her hubby is a redhead, too, but since they cannot have children, I won’t have red headed grands, though I would have loved having them. The red gene does have to come from both sides of the family.
    Red hair is the best!!!!

  • I have a redhead daughter and redheads speck their mind to

  • Karen

    I have 3 redheads! All have the exact shade of red hair. 2 girls and a boy and people always ask me who has the red hair…both my grandmoms did & my husband & mother in law do. My son had 2 procedures & anesthesia didn’t work properly neither did nerve block.

  • Tara

    Red hair is a recessive gene, so you would get it from BOTH parents. My husband is blond and I am brown with a hint of red. We have three children: one blond, one brunette and one red head. People are constantly asking me why they all have different colour hair, and my answer is always… “genetics”!

  • RSK

    #8 -what, right nlow?

  • Kathy

    I’m a redhead and m y mother was blonde and my father had black hair. My mother had a sister and a brother with red hair and my dad had 3 sister’s and 2 brothers with red hair. I have 10 siblings and two of us have red hair, one of my dad’s sisters, with her red hair, had the nerve to ask my mother where my sister got the red hair. My mother just looked at her and said “huh you know I just don’t know, there’s not any aunt’s or uncles that have red hair”.
    I have 3 children 2 beautiful girls both have beautiful red hair and 1 handsome son who has blonde hair like his father.

  • Debbie

    I’m lucky enough to have three red headed children :0)

  • Pam

    As my husband and I have 4 children, the oldest being a red head and the other 3 blondes…I love to say in a whisper that she got it from the mailman in a small town we use to live in….HAHA! That seems to stop the other comments…and make my husband chuckle too. :). We have red hair on both sides but why tell them that!!??

  • anne

    when stupid people would ask my parents where my red hair came from (even though my mother was a redhead) my father would always say “the mailman”!

  • I’m glad you liked my photo (picture #8), but I did not give you permission to use it, and you have not credited me. What is even more insulting is that when you stole my photo, you cropped out my watermark in the top left hand corner. This is copyright infringement. If you do not remove the photo, or compensate me for my work, I will take legal action against you.

  • I was born a redhead, my parents were both brunettes/ brown eyed. but my maternal grandparents (both sides) families had redheads throughout them. my paternal grandmother’s family had several redheads. the fair skin/freckles and temper all go with everything else. Scottish blood on both sides of the family plus a little dutch/german as well…. light strawberry blonde and fairskinned.
    I also had one child a redhead and one auburn… a shade of red and brunette. and 4 grandkids that are redheads… Love them all
    Redheads are very sensitive to not only the sun but their feelings can get hurt easily and ,generally, are more sensitive to others and their feelings. The temper is usually due to being hurt emotionally more so than physically but takes more emotional “hurt than dishes out. I know a few to the contrary. We redheads love as fiercely as we fight or hate…I guess we just go over the top at times and are not afraid to show how we feel or say what we feel if it is a strong enough feeling. We also fight for our families and friends harder than most too….. We are loyal friends and can be called on at most times….. just don’t screw us over and take advantage….
    I like who I am and have been called a freckle faced red head or red or something over the years …..hard as a kid but am proud of it now. It defines who I am and I definitely define what a redhead is. oh by the way we don’t show gray as early or as much as others do and will have either beautiful light silver or white hair in our older years where others are a gray{dark, med, or light} and don’t seem to age as fast body wise as most and show it….. strange how this happens…
    I’ve got the green blue eyes that change with the color I wear from dark blue to a pretty bright green at times and every shade in between the two… typical for a redhead as well but not always….. want to know more…. we are generally a happy soul

    wouldn’t want to be anything else….

    • Anonymous

      our redhead grandson is very sensitive emotionally also

  • Tracy

    Most of these are true. I’m a redhead and everyone always tells me they love my hair and one lady I knew always told me she couldn’t even get that color out of a bottle. As for parents of redheads being asked where I got my red hair from, my mother would always reply the milkman or the guy at the Seven-Eleven. Neither of my parents or any of my siblings have red hair.

  • i was always told by my cousins: “I’d rather be dead than red on the head”. LOL. I always loved my red hair (graying now). It made me unique!




  • Carolyn

    My sister and I are both redheads. Our Mother and Grandmother were as well. I agree with most, but I am far from being senate to pain(went thru 17 hours of hard labor w/NO epidural). Plus I tan very easy, because I am also Italian. I HATED my hair color growing up, because I was picked on constantly, but now that it’s wanting to turn gray, I color it. Neither of my kids are redheaded.

  • Anonymous

    I liked the one where did you get that redhair if I had a dime for every time I have been asked that I would have a bunch of change

  • Rebecca Buscemi

    I have a redhead who was born a brunette. At 2 months her hair just started turning red so she has beautiful dark red hair. She gets comments constantly.

  • Anonymous

    I am a redhead and the only redhead in the family that we knew of. Then I had a redheaded son who had 2 redheaded sons. I am now older and my hair kind of looks blonde. I have grey hair coming in and the red is fading but I will always be a redhead. I loved my hair.

  • Melissa

    Hubby and I are both redheads and have a 16 month old little boy! So true!

  • Joey

    I grow up feeling like: (now being 65years old) As I knew what a Black child, Jews child, felt like.. back in the 50’s never fitting in and always teased about the Redness of your hair. Had two friends that never teased me at. One was Black and the other Jews. We all said some day Black girls will have the best hair do’s, Jews Girls will be know for their smarts, and Red heads will be the front page… Funny how you think when your 12, (1962) Just me thinking out loud…

  • Donna Melton

    I gave my grandmother her first redheaded grandchild. My son’s hair stayed that color till he was a teenager. Now I have a redheaded granddaughter!

  • Anonymous

    I have 4 children that are redheads, and at least one granddaughter. They are each one different and wonderful!!

  • I can’t go anywhere without someone commenting on my child I get to the point where I want tosay yes I know….

  • jules

    Hi I’m a 57 year old red head , get the highest protection you can our skin is very easily damaged by the sun , it tends to be a little thinner than others ,get her into a good habit early and it will see her right later in life !

  • Dana

    I am a redhead, and have 2 spitfire redheaded boys, age 18 and grandpa had red hair, as did his twin sisters, and no one else in my family had it. I love that my boys rock it like redheads!!!

  • Kelly Jo

    As the mom of 4 redhead children (3 with blue eyes, and one with brown), there is never a shortage of comments. I know nothing different, so when someone borrows a kid, they come back with “wow, does everyone have to comment on your kid’s hair?” Yes, yes they do. And how they have an aunt who has a step cousin with a daughter’s boss who is a redhead. Or how we’ll be extinct in some certain year according to National Geographic. Whatever. My kids are beautiful, and even though they go through times of hating it, we are all unique in our own way and need to just appreciate the gifts we have.

  • Michele

    I was born a redhead and I have 3 redheads..2 boys and 1 girl. They are grown and my oldest has 2 redheads..girls! I just live their hair.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I have a precious red-haired grandson named ELI WARREN SMITH !!!! He is adorable and very personable!! 10 1/2 months old and the LIGHT of my life!!

  • Anonymous

    Both my parents had dark brown hair but I was born a red head…turns out my dad and his dad both had red beards!

  • Devan

    Im a red head and have a two year old little red headed girl. The most common thing I hear is “I see where she gets her red hair from!”

  • My son was the only red headed grandchild to a red headed grandfather. None of Grandad’s kids had red hair. I Have brown hair and my husband was a blonde. You can imagine the questions.

  • Mary Beth

    my red headed daughter used to get upset when asked where she got the red hair. We finally came up with the perfect answer: God! Shut those fools up fast!!

  • JT

    Both my parents were not redheads. My grandfather was. I heard the gene skips a generation. I have two children boy and a girl. My girl a dirty blonde and my boy is brown, I’m glad my boy didn’t get red hair. As for pain, I have a high pain tollorence. Never cried much as a baby so I’m told. As a boy through my teenage years I definitely got sick of being a redhead. Constantly challenged as being a weaker person. So I got used to fighting a lot to prove other wise. I think boys have a tougher time with it and if given a choice. A boy would probably wish they weren’t a redhead. I know I did and one other guy in high school did to. This is just my opinion and experience as a redhead.

  • Andrea

    My 7 year old son has red hair. I’m blonde and my husband dark brown/black hair. First on my side of the family but husband’s niece has red hair. Both my daughter’s are blond. I always get asked where he gets his colouring from.

  • I have a redhead son and a brunette daughter. My son’s hair colour was a real surprise to us because both my husband and I have very dark brown/black hair! However we do have a good sprinkling of red heads throughout our family. My son is a little unique in that he has brown eyes and gets a lovely tan in summer. Some of these points really resonated with me. The constant comments and questions ‘where did that hair come from’. People are absolutely obsessed with red hair. I disagree with points 7 and 8 about pain though. We call my son ‘the tank’. He’s so robust. Has never flinched when he’s had a needle and comes home from the park covered in scrapes and bruises…happy as Larry.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a redhead and none of my children got the gene. I hope they all have s little redheaded one.

  • maggie

    I had my redheaded daughter at 12 1/2 months old at a town festival. she was sitting on the ground in a pinafore dress with black shoes watching her brother in some races. a woman came running up and scooped her up. poor gal got my daughter to about her knees when she yelled”oh, my god! she’s alive!” she didn’t want to pick up my baby, but she didn’t want to drop her either. she apparently thought my daughter was a doll someone had set down. her husband hit the ground laughing. that wasn’t the first incident nor would it be the last, but it certainly was the funniest.

  • Connie

    I have reheads throughout my family on my mom’s side. I have cousins with red hair. I have 2 daughters with the same father. One was born with red hair the other brown hair. As the red head got older her hair turned auburn with a red tint. She now has 2 children (2 fathers) and her 12 yr old son has red hair. He is so handsome! When he was younger it almost looked orange. In the summer it has blonde streaks in it. He has all of the above EXCEPT he holds his feelings inside and as far as anthesia, we thankfully do not know. He has never had to have it. I love all 5 of my grandchildren but my first born grandchild is the only one with RED HAIR!!

  • anonymous

    Jeff Weaver and Jiminy’s post must have been removed. I have tried to see what they posted but I can not find them but if they were as bad as I think they were I guess I am not missing anything. Red heads are very rare, it even says so above. I do not see very many, if any, red heads in our town except my grandson. Red haired ppl are beautiful to me.

  • Anonymous

    My son has red hair…ever single part of this article is true. He is the best thing ever and he’s 18! Love my redhead!

  • Holly

    it’s funny one of the pictures that you have listed here is actually my daughter. She’s actually not a redhead that photo has been enhanced. The photographer entered her picture into a photography contest and her photos were stolen. Now her photo shows up all of the time on websites like this! I guess it’s a compliment because she’s a beautiful kid but it still makes you feel a little funny!!

  • Terry

    I am a redhead, as is my daughter. I have not read it any where either but will agree that redheads bleed more. Except when it comes to giving blood, maybe it is just my daughter and I but they have a heck of time getting blood out of us. Every time it is a nightmare, just today she had to get blood work done and it took 3 people and getting stuck 4 times before they had enough for 1 full vial. Also growing up with red hair is not an easy task, kids she doesn’t even know love to yell “Ginger” just to pick. Do they think that if you have it, that you are unaware of it.

  • Marcia

    I am a redhead and so is my husband. (Well, grey is taking over now.) Both our daughters were redheads. I think if we had more children, they ALL would have been redheads. We have a lot of red hair in the family. One sister is a brunette but two of her children have red hair.

  • Thana

    I have a red headed hubby, a red headed daughter who has a red headed son. Lots of saying and comments about red heads; however, I wonder if the following is true or false: there is not race of red headed peoples but every race has red headed people. (T or F)

  • Jeri

    One missing question?? Did you dye it that color?? What!! My child was 1 year old, who would think hair dye. Oh maybe because I’m black and So is her father. So red hair and freckles didn’t fit, lol.

    • Anonymous

      I often respond to the “how did she get that color” question with “it is hard to get her to sit still for the process and she says that it burns, a bit…but we really love it”!

  • Sue

    I am a mom of 6…3 red, 3 blonde. My reds are all fiery and opinionated! The blondes (like me) are layed back and quite! My husband (who is not layed back and quite) has light brown hair, and it wasn’t until we were married over a year that he grew out his beard, and lo and behold…red! Then I started inquiring of his family about their history, of which he knew nothing about, and his grandparents are Irish! Surprise, surprise! I absolutely love the red hair, and wouldn’t change it for the world! I even secretly love their outspoken fieryness!!

  • Anonymous

    My grandmother had beautiful dark red hair. My hair is brown. I wanted so much for one of our children to have red hair but none of our 5 did and no grandchildren have. Also no great grandchildren have either. I keep hoping it will show up at some point.

  • Karen

    my grandson is red headed and blue eyes ! Love of my life and my son has red hair in his beard! Scottish and Irish on both sides!

  • Anonymous

    I am a red head. So is my dad, even though his darkened to a brown as he got older. I sun burn easily. I rock it like a red head.

  • Both my Son and my Daughter were born true red heads… Love the threir red hair… Always have… And their red haired children… Daughter has twin red heads… Sooo Handsome… and my Sons last Daughter is Beautiful, and has Beautiful red hair… I feel very blessed by God to have so many “Red Heads” in my Family… Blessings to All Red Heads… You are Special…

  • redhead eagle

    I always hated having redhair because I was picked on. I am happy it is turning gray.

  • Samy

    My son has redhair and I’m surprised at how many people we see out in public want to reach out and touch his hair!

  • McKenzie K

    I’m a red head married to a red head, so naturally, our kids have red hair. The one that frustrates me most that didn’t make the list. You will be stopped at least 3 times each time you walk into the grocery store so admirers can tell you how they are related to a red head. “My nieces 3rd cousin has red hair.” Fascinating….

  • Brenda

    I have 2 read head daughters, 2 different shades of red, and was always asked if I’m the mom, are they twins, does their dad have red hair

  • Pamela Price

    I am a redhead . I have a daughter and 2 grandchildren which none are redhead nor was my parents . I love my red and never considered being anything else . ❤️❤️❤️


  • Arlene Kellogg

    I have a red-haired daughter. She used to tell people she was blonde because she didn’t want red hair. She heard the term strawberry blond so she said that is what she was. And she used to blame it on me for wanting a red haired child. She and my brother in law are the only two in the family with red hair and he used to tell people she was actually his!

  • Anonymous

    My grandfather, my father, my two brothers and myself are all redheads. 4% seems low to me!

  • Anonymous

    I am a redhead and have a twin that has brown hair and awesome tan (not pale freckled) skin. I was so jealous if her tanning in the summer and I burned. Now she tells me all the time that she wished she had my hair.

  • Anonymous

    i have 2 redheads, now 22 and 18. I wished I had a dollar for every time my husband and I were Skes “where did they get their red hair?”… They are beautiful and unique. I love seeing blogs about redheads!
    Leeann T- Texas

  • Anonymous

    I am a mom to 3 boys with red hair (1 with brown eyes and my twins have blue) and one son with blonde. Everyone always comments on their red hair that my blonde feels like the outcast. He is too young to understand they his brothers are really the minority.

  • Dale Kettring

    Good advice. Any tips or hints for a redhead wife? LOL

  • Sarah Helen


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  • Kathy

    Growing up, we knew a family that had 8 children / 2 sets of twins ; one set boys , one set girls. Funny each had a redhead and a brunette sibling/twin. The redheaded twin of each set was much taller than his/her sibling with brunette hair : )

  • Anonymous

    Some of these facts are true. I have red hair. so I never got the where did the red hair come from questions. It also takes a redhead longer to get gray hair. Everyone will come up to your baby and say what beautiful hair. This happens no matter what age.

  • Red heads are awesome

    that is so true even my school principal wants my hair. i always tock my redhead and i like. So red on. red is the new black to me

  • Amamnda

    I am a redhead and have a child with auburn hair. It looks red when she is in the sun or under professional lights. I hated my bright hair growing up because I got picked on a lot for it. I tolerate it now. At one time at the place I work there were 7 redheads there. They all left and now I am the only one. It does make it easy to be remembered.

  • Sharon

    my husband and I are copper tops and we made two beautiful copper top minis; a boy(6) and girl (2). I love my redheads! My Dad, his dad, his sister…all redheads.

  • Matt

    I have red hair while my wife has brown hair. All four of my kids (3 girls, one boy) have red hair. Everyone always says they look like me, to which I respond, “Yeah, I know I’m the dad, but…” and I look at my wife. It usually takes a minute but people eventually get it.

    Also, people will ask us “where did that red hair come from?” I’ll rub my receding hairline and say “right here, and I want it back.”

    Seriously now, I think it’s easier for girls to grow up with red hair than for boys. With girls it’s considered beautiful but with boys it can easily become an object of scorn.

  • I have red hair, my husband is a redhead, both our children have red hair – different colours. One is really dark red, the other had lighter color red. One has a daughter with red hair, the other has a daughter with sandy coloured hair. You never can tell what you will get. It really depends on who you are in a relationship with.

  • Judy K

    My son is now 25 and was born with a full head of red hair. Every hair on his body (including eyelashes) is still a gorgeous red. #11) even in a giant crowd of people- it is easy to pick out your child!

  • When my red-haired son was ask at age 3, when his red hair come from, he replied “It grew there.”

  • N

    Red heads are also slower in turning grey when aging. Sometimes there is no grey at all, the hair just continuously turns lighter and lighter.

  • Terri

    Everyone of these questions is true. Being a natural redhead and having a redheaded baby, people constantly asked me where she got her red hair from? And we do need more anesthetic, because we have a higher tolerance for the medication, not the pain. Both my daughter and I wear sunscreen and never even consider getting a “tan.” Keeps our skin younger looking.

  • scott

    i was born a blondie but i turned into a red head,everyone loved me as a baby,most of those comments sound like me especially the last one.

  • Anonymous

    Every waitress in every restaurant will have to comment or rub his head. You tend to receive excellent service.

  • Redheads fuck

  • Pepper Morris

    When I used to walk in Parades, I was an 1830’s Mountain Man/Fur trader. I asked little girls on the parade route for a small scalp. A small piece if hair cut from the back near the scalp so mas not to discombemerat the hair style. I had nice bead necklaces to trade. I could talk blondes, brunettes, black heads out of their hair. It was 5 years later that I finally got a red scalplock. With her dad’s OK she (10 year old) traded me for a $35 special beaded necklace. YA, Them red heads are special.

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  • Candice R

    I’m the PROUD mama of a gorgeous redhead. I do think if someone asks me if I dye his hair one more time I might lose it though LOL

  • Amy

    When my red headed son had his appendectomy at 15 the Dr told me that nothing health related with red heads will ever be ‘text book’ there will always be something extreme with it….. His appendix was gangrene!

  • Anonymous

    Photo of child #5 is my daughter, photo taken by me and credit should be given to Hilary Susan Photography.
    It is actually unlawful to use photos without explicit permission, which I was neither asked nor had I given. :/ I would’ve been happy to, please keep in mind that it is a minor and posting without permission of said photographer / guardian is illegal.

  • j m

    I’m a red head, 6’4″ and 245lbs. i have a high pain threshhold and i dont bleed much at all, even when cutting through an artery in my thumb with a 1mm grinding disc lol
    the sun is my sworn enemy
    Not all the statements apply to us all. But it’s good to know the potential dangers.

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  • Anonymous

    Neither I, nor my husband had red hair, but both of my children were redheads. Now I have a great grandson with red hair.

  • Both of my babies were redheaded but my oldest one is turning into a brunette. My youngest is definitely keeping his red hair. It’s crazy having a redhead. I once had a lady rub his head for good luck. When she did, she shocked him. I had a lady once ask me if I dye his hair. He was two. My older son is so tired of being asked where my younger gets his red hair that when asked AGAIN he finally said “He got his red hair from Jesus”. Everybody has a story when they see a redhead. It’s crazy to think that red hair can draw in so much attention. 🙂

  • Kerry B

    My daughter has got to be the tannest redhead I’ve ever met. Her brother and I burn more easily that that orange haired trickster.

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  • I have a daughter with red hair. All of her life she was asked where her red hair came from. She would always reply as a small child, “It fell out of the sky!” I could always spot her in a crowd.

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  • Wendy

    I have been trying for 3years to get pregnant and needed help! i have Been going to the doctors but still nothing. The doctor said that me and my husband are fine and I don’t know where else to turn. Until one day my friend introduce me to this great spiritualist who helped her to get back her lost husband back with love spell and also made her pregnant, So I decided to contact this spiritualist native Iya basira after interaction with her she did a ritual for me and also instructed me on what to do, after then i should have sex with the my husband or any man I love in this world, And i did so, within the next one month i went for a check up and my doctor confirmed that i am 2weeks pregnant. I am so happy!! if you also need help to get pregnant contact her email

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  • Snerfer

    I have never understood some of the stereotypes pertaining to redheads. I am neither quick to anger nor do I have a low pain threshold. In fact, I once broke my arm at Wal-mart and continued doing my grocery shopping. Lol. I can also tan quite well. Interestingly, my dad had dark hair with a red mustache.

  • Cool idea. Thanks. I love your blog! So many great ideas and a breath of fresh air. I used to work in safe sleep and am thus somewhat neurotic when I see pictures of sleeping kids. I noticed that your daughter has long ties on her bonnet. Those can be unsafe for sleeping as kids can get tangled. Just wanted to point this out so your family can stay safe.

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