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By: Alyssa Showalter

If you grew up as a redhead, you might relate to sticking out in crowd. But, here are the 10 true signs you grew up ‘ginger’:

1. Mixed reactions.

Some people loved, and still love, your hair, and others did not.

2. Your head was not safe from strangers’ grabby hands.

No matter what the situation.

3. As a 90’s kid, you were always “Ginger Spice”.

You may have liked Posh or Sporty Spice more, but if you had red hair, you were always Ginger Spice.


4. Nicknames that are related to your hair will always be apart of your life.

Fireball, Ginger, Carrot Top, Ariel, Firecracker, Strawberry short cake, the list goes on and on.

5. Growing up loving Lindsay Lohan.. until 2005.

Then, we ran into our rooms ashamed and heartbroken.


6. Having mixed feelings for that South Park episode.

We were laughing and crying on the inside.

7. Getting sun burned.

…in the shade.

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8. We grew up to develop a unique sense of humor.

We know how to laugh, and it is a very magical moment when we do. That’s how awesome we are.

9. Wearing masks do nothing when your hair is the one giving you away every single time.

No masquerade parties for us, I’m afraid.

…Last but not least!

10. We learned very quickly the value of humility and acceptance.

We know what it feels like to be picked on because of our appearance. To be discriminated against and bullied for being different. Natural redheads know what it means to want equality and to fight for social justice. We have over thousands of years of being hunted, enslaved and killed, all because of our hair and skin. To be picked on and stereotyped by everyone.

Redheads are the kindest, most understanding, and accepting people you will have the honor of meeting and befriending. Being a redhead is an honor because we are the ones that grew up stronger and able to handle the social pressures from every single person. Growing up with natural red hair means that you are truly special, inside and out, and no one will ever be able to attain that from a bottle of red hair dye.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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