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1. Her attention-grabbing, curly red hair.


2. Her role as Grace Adler on NBC’s hit show, Will & Grace. An iconic comedy series that will always have us laughing.

3. She loves her community. She is a Global Health Ambassador for PSI. As an Ambassador, Debra has visited PSI’s HIV prevention programs in Zimbabwe and Zambia to bring attention to progress being made against the epidemic.

4. Her love for selfies. She was quoted saying, “But I’ve become completely obsessed with taking photos on my iPhone. I have like 400 apps.”





5. She sunburns too and isn’t ashamed to admit it.


6. She rocks glasses on the red carpet so, so well.

7. Proves redheads can wear white.


8. …And red.

9. Her two icons are famous redheads. She said, “I grew up watching Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett with curtain rods in her arms, falling down stairs. To me, that’s funny.”

10. Her love for her career, “That whole world of musical theater was my first love. It’s where I wanted to be when I was three years old.” A few months ago, she wrapped up the Broadway hit, Outside Mullingar’s.

UPDATE: May 15, 2017 .. And Will & Grace will continue to make us laugh. The hit show is coming back to NBC in the fall of 2017! See the trailer below:

Redheads, why do you love Debra Messing? Rock it like a Redhead!