Sound Off: Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger Says Millionaires Don’t Want Redheads

By: Guest Writer, Courtney Leiva

This week in entertainment news, Millionaire Matchmaker host, Patti Stanger, claimed again that millionaires [in her club] do not like redheads.

She was quoted saying, “I can’t get my millionaires to date a redhead. It has nothing to do with me. I can’t make my millionaires pick what I want.”

And it doesn’t just stop with red hair, Stanger also states that men don’t go for ladies with curly hair either. So, if you’re a curly haired redhead, in Stanger’s opinion, you’re not dating material.

“Men who are wealthy like straight hair, they like to run their hands through it, not get tangled in there..” Stanger claimed.

What do you all think about this?

In my opinion, it is ridiculous!  Going red is the hottest hair trend and from my experience, there isn’t much truth to Miss Patti’s red haired comments.

If you are a redhead that’s married to wealthy man, let us know!


  1. Sabrina

    November 17, 2013

    Patti you are wrong!i have curly hair and am dating a millionaire,and I was always dated millionaire.They loved my curly hair,they said i look very sexy,unique and exotic.sometimes I straight my hair with the flat Iron he screamed at me,Men like the women who are confident,independent,beatiful and nice,doesn’t mean you have red hair or curly hair is going to make you ugly,Patti is one negative example who we don’t want to listen to,she is rude and look at her she has straight and beautiful hair but no man would want to be with her for real because she has an ugly mind.

  2. Rich

    December 11, 2013

    It isn’t the hair color, per se, it’s the genetics that give rise to the natural, red hair color. The reality is that red haired people generally have fragile skin that doesn’t age well. That’s what puts men off. If you’re naturally brown-haired and dye your hair auburn, that’s a wholly different thing. And the majority of men like long, flowing hair: it looks great, and is a much “calmer” look than the chaos of abundant curls. Taylor Swift looks far more sophisticated and appealing with straightened hair.

  3. Rita Ribs

    November 14, 2014

    Patti hates redheads, that I know! She never gives them a chance and if “they” say ANYTHING, she goes “they are so difficult! This is why I cannot work with them! And why no one wants them!” Which is pure hogwash! I think she had some fierce competition from a redhead or two along the way, as redheads can be quite fierce when attacked! Any woman going up against Patti, is going to get a bag full, as she is not shy about her opinions! Like I believe her hair color is NATURAL! NOT! Come on Patti, you know its not that redheads are difficult, its not that men do not want redheads (I can attest to both!) it’s that you came up against one and she wouldn’t back down! Now that sounds a little more like the truth! Why don’t you go after the fatties? Oh wait! You did! And the gays? Oh yes, them people too?! Blacks? Afro Americans? What’s that Patti? No one is safe from your preconceptions about people? How about fat, horse faced, big mouths with fake tits, fake hair and fake bee stung lips that looks like a cats rear end? Oh? Really? They want THAT? But not redheads? Hmmmmmmm…..once you go red, there’s nothing to dread! It is the most exciting ride of your life! Or are you just going to drag out another vanilla bimbo?


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