How To Have A Relationship With A Redhead

By: Guest Writer, Jennifer Brown

So you’ve found that special someone, your soulmate, ‘the one’. The only problem you find is that ‘the one’ is a redhead. Before you throw in the towel and quit because you think you can’t deal with a redhead, take a moment to learn how a relationship with a redhead is actually possible — if you know these secrets.

The Ginger Secrets:

1. Most Redheads Don’t Want To Be The Center of Attention: Since birth redheads have been singled out as adorable, cherubic, and have to constantly hear, “oh that hair!” Most red haired children have grown up with little, old blue haired women telling them how much they want their hair and this leads many redheads to want to keep a low profile.

2. Say The Right Thing: If you get in a fight with a redhead, or any woman for that matter, don’t call her crazy. It will only infuriate her more and you don’t want to make a redhead mad!

Most gingers will try just about anything once. If you want to walk on the wild side, a redhead is just the one for you. If you prefer the weekly missionary poke then skip the redhead.

If, after reading this, you still want to embark on a relationship with a redhead then by all means have at it. In addition to being wildly awesome in bed, redheads are about as loyal as a person can be. If you can pass muster with a redhead you will have a friend for life. You will have someone you can count on, someone who will come to your rescue and to your defense. As friends go, as well as lovers, you couldn’t do better than a redhead.

Just don’t piss them off.


  1. jen

    December 30, 2013

    I love the “just don’t piss them off” part! So, so true! My father, sister and I are all redheads and we say this all the time to each other. We all three are very kind, generous, honest and loyal people but just don’t piss us off :)

    • Caitlin Brantley

      November 4, 2014

      Well, unfortunately… I can say that this is/has been true. I’m usually pretty sweet, but if you make me mad, you make me M.A.D.

  2. Red Elizabeth Mason

    December 30, 2013

    I have had little old Jewish woman ask my parents “Where did you get that red hair?” Or “Who’s her stylist?” like really?… Who dyes their child’s hair…
    I agree most heartily, Don’t piss them off! We are literally hot heads, and we will you fight to the death, if you piss us off lol! Especially Irish Redheads lol Me, my Dad, my 4 brothers, and my 2 nieces Haha We’re crazy O_o

  3. Kendall

    June 16, 2014

    The temper thing is undeniably true. Coming from a family of redheads, and with our ancestry of Irish, English and German this is doubly true for us. I was curious if you ever get any questions/comments about redheads dating other redheads? My boyfriend as a child had bright orange hair, myself I was always a darker red. His has faded, but for his facial hair you probably wouldn’t know we were both gingers. It is odd I guess when people realize this, and understandably so, I’ve never met another couple who are redheads. Any advice?

  4. Kaitlyn carter

    August 14, 2014

    well I do like a ginger and his name is Drake. we actually both like each other. we have liked each other since 5th grade and now we are in 7th grade. I dont know if he still likes me or not but I have a crush on him (drake) and another boy named Randal. he’s kinda a red head. the reason I said kinda is because he dyed his hair head but that makes him cuter then when he was blond. Btw he is taller than me (randal)


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